BI products and data analysis tools that provide trustworthy insights and answers

Want BI data analysis tools that can provide countless, actionable insights across your organisation?

IBM  offers the most complete, end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions. Work smarter by combining data analytics governance, visual analytics and data-driven innovation. Explore data patterns and get consistent, trustworthy insights. This is Business Intelligence that will revolutionise how you do analytics.


Data Analysis with Cognos Analytics

Experience IBM Cognos Analytics, an interactive way for virtually anyone to find, explore, and share data-driven insights in a governed environment. Find precise and timely answers from your data or from content built by others. Create compelling reports and dashboards which you can easily distribute throughout your company. Use automated alerts to monitor changes to key findings. Confidently and quickly take actions to improve your business.

Financial Planning With Planning Analytics

Forecasting, planning and budgeting

Powered by IBM TM1. Automates your financial planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis processes. It offers the full functionality of spreadsheets while eliminating manual tasks to drive efficiency. 

IFRS 16 - New Leasing Standard

IFRS 16 compliance - are you ready?

Read our blog to find out how to meet the IFRS 16 new leasing standard requirements by using Planning Analytics in combination with IBM's IFRS 16 Solution Accelerator.

Guided demo of the IFRS 16 Solution

Get experience with IBM® Planning Analytics IFRS 16 Solution Accelerator to see how it can help you speed up and simplify your lease reporting and meet the requirements of the IFRS 16 leasing standard.

BI Uses & Resources

The next wave of business intelligence

This smart paper argues that to deliver useful insights where they are needed in an organization, a modern BI solution must balance self-service, agility, reliability and security.

How IBM delivers smarter business intelligence

Managing and monetizing big using business intelligence How does a company apply all available data in order to increase revenue, increase efficiency, and improve decision making? See what Frost & Sullivan have to say.

Using BI to take a more comprehensive approach to analytics

A short report from Aberdeen Group that reveals how a holistic approach to business intelligence, using the right technology, can bring greater user empowerment and more efficient decision-making.

How this IBM analytics tool pays for itself, many times over

A new TVO (Total Value of Ownership) report from Cabot Partners details the cost savings you can achieve with IBM Cognos Analytics both on-premises and on cloud.