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High-performance data warehouse solutions

To boost your company's decision-making abilities and support your business intelligence and AI initiatives, it is crucial to have a flexible and trusted data foundation. Our cloud native Db2 and Netezza data warehouse technologies are specifically designed to store, manage and analyze all types of data and workloads, without the added complexities and security risks of data duplication or movement across environments. Integrations with watsonx.data lakehouse make it easy for customers to share data in open formats and enable a single view of their analytics and AI estate.

Our customers also have the choice of running our data warehouses in their cloud of choice, with options for self-managed or fully managed SaaS services. SaaS deployments for IBM Db2 Warehouse are available on IBM Cloud and AWS, and Netezza Performance Server on Azure and AWS.

Unify and share data across databases with watsonx.data for analytics and gen AI

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Why IBM for data warehousing? Hybrid and multi-cloud

Run analytics workloads on-premises or on your cloud of choice. Avoid vendor lock-in with a multicloud approach.

Control analytics costs 

Take full control over how and when you choose to scale analytics workloads with fit for purpose query engines and completely decoupled storage and compute.

Scale analytics and AI

Realize the full value of your data - structured, unstructured, semi-structured–with a modern data foundation built to scale analytics and AI across the enterprise.

Db2 Warehouse 

The next generation cloud-native Db2 Warehouse meets your price and performance objectives for always-on workloads and scales operational analytics, BI and mixed workload needs now 4x faster with 34x lower storage costs. It enables governed access to data in open formats and natively integrates with watsonx.data to create a singular view of your analytics and AI estate. 

Netezza Performance Server

Netezza Performance Server is IBM’s cloud-native enterprise data warehouse optimized to scale deep analytics, BI, and ML workloads, by making data unified, accessible and scalable anywhere. Netezza can store and analyze governed data in open formats, control costs with AI-driven elastic scaling, and natively integrates with watsonx.data to create a singular view of your analytics and AI estate. 


watsonx.data is a fit-for-purpose data store, built on an open lakehouse architecture, supported by querying, governance and open data formats to access and share data. With shared metadata and Db2 and Netezza’s support open formats such as Parquet, Avro and Iceberg, customers can share a single copy of data across multiple query engines and optimize analytics and AI workloads for price and performance. 

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Run the right workload with the right engine at the right cost 

Our fit-for-purpose analytics engines allow customers to cost-optimize analytics and AI workloads across the enterprise. Pick your primary engine based on your workload needs and augment those workloads by sharing data across Db2, Netezza and watsonx.data engines without additional data movement or ETL. 



Primary Engine

Augment Workloads with 

Deep analytics and data mining


Business intelligence and reporting (BI)


Mixed workloads (OLTP and OLAP)


Operational analytics (ODS)


Large data processing for ML and AI

Netezza or Db2 Warehouse

Data transformation and ETL

Netezza or Db2 Warehouse

Data exploration and visualization

Netezza or Db2 Warehouse

Deploy across the hybrid cloud

Run data warehouse workloads on-premises, hybrid, or in your cloud of choice, with options for self-managed or fully managed SaaS services 

Better together: IBM + AWS

The partnership between IBM and AWS signifies more than a collaboration; it’s a movement towards harnessing the full potential of data and AI. Learn about the synergies between IBM and AWS for analytics and AI workloads.

watsonx.data on AWS

With watsonx.data, customers can scale analytics and AI with a open lakehouse architecture available as a Service on AWS

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Read the most common misconceptions about cloud data warehouses that cause hesitation moving to a hybrid-cloud strategy.

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Data lakehouses seek to resolve the core challenges across both data warehouses and data lakes to yield a more ideal data management solution for organizations.

A different approach to cloud data warehousing

We’re taking a different approach to cloud data warehousing with our third generation of IBM Db2 Warehouse.

What is a data warehouse?

A data warehouse is a central repository of information that is not a product but an environment. It is designed to extract insights from analytics and share immense amounts of consolidated data.

Introducing Netezza as a service on AWS

IBM is proud to announce the tech preview availability of IBM Netezza Performance Server as a fully-managed service (NPSaaS) on AWS. Learn how to get started.

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