January 9, 2023 By Ashley Bassman
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Simple high-speed analytics and insights that are accessible for everyone, everywhere — now available to preview on AWS. 

When it comes to the next generation of analytic workloads, organizations require faster time to insights, reduced governance and compliance risk, support for machine learning datasets and unified analytics across cloud data lakes and warehouse deployments. Additionally, the ability to elastically scale while also lowering total cost of ownership is driving organizations’ decisions to shift analytics to the cloud.

IBM is proud to announce the tech preview availability of IBM Netezza Performance Server as a fully-managed service (NPSaaS) on AWS. Flexible, scalable and optimized for high-performance unified analytics and cost predictability in the cloud, the fully managed Netezza cloud data warehouse service is IBM’s modern enterprise data warehouse for actionable insights. 

In May 2022, IBM officially announced its strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver IBM SaaS products in the AWS marketplace. The IBM/AWS partnership gives customers the opportunity to quickly get started with IBM SaaS products on AWS infrastructure combined with the native AWS experience and integration of AWS services out of the box.

“The IBM and AWS partnership allows our joint customers to accelerate their data modernization strategy in the cloud by combining the mission-critical reliability and performance of IBM’s databases with AWS’ cloud infrastructure on demand,” said Edward Calvesbert, Executive Director – Product Management, IBM Distributed Databases. “Through our multi-year agreement, IBM’s entire databases portfolio will be available to run as software or SaaS on AWS. For existing IBM Db2 and Netezza data warehouse customers, upgrading to a fully managed SaaS deployment on AWS has never been easier, with risk-free, frictionless upgrades.”

IBM is committed to giving customers the ability to run analytics in their cloud of choice. AWS marks the second cloud provider for Netezza customers to run analytics fully managed in the cloud. NPSaaS has been available on Microsoft Azure since 2021, and it is now discoverable on the Azure Marketplace as of this month.

Why Netezza Performance Server as a fully managed service?

As a fully managed, consumption-based service, IBM Netezza Performance Server provides a high-performance, cloud-native data warehouse designed for scalable analytics and insights accessible in a single massively parallel processing platform. Designed with data lake integration for open data formats, Netezza empowers data engineers, data scientists and data analysts to run complex queries across any data type and support critical business decisions with blazing speeds.

Built on decades of innovation in data governance and security, in-database analytics, machine learning and hybrid-columnar processing, IBM Netezza Performance Server as a Service (NPSaaS) brings trusted, scalable and price-performant analytics to your data in the cloud, with new fully managed service capabilities:

  • Ultimate cost control with granular elastic scaling in the cloud: Only pay for what you need, when you need it with Netezza’s granular elastic scaling and hourly-credit consumption model. Unlike other Cloud Data Warehouse vendors that may assign workloads to “t-shirt” sizes, Netezza’s granular cloud elastic scaling enables true consumption-based pricing—allowing you to scale up and down while only paying for what you use, easily tracking demand and ensuring you do not over-provision and waste resources. Netezza as a fully managed service is up to 47% lower in total cost of ownership and up to 78% faster than major competitors (from Cabot Partners’ total value ownership study on Netezza Performance Server as a Service). 
  • Simple, frictionless cloud deployment: IBM takes the guesswork out of deploying Netezza to the public cloud with a single nz_migrate command, ensuring perfect data and workload compatibility between on-prem appliance workloads and SaaS.
  • Collaborate across secure and governed data: Secure your data while governing access to authorized users in a single place. Collaborate across your organization with built-in data visibility, auditability, data masking, access controls and more. 
  • ​Create faster insights for all: With built-in analytics, machine learning and data lake integration, run complex queries across all types of data with quick execution times. Netezza requires no indexing or tuning, improving time-to-insight and decision speed from days to minutes. 
  • High availability for your analytics: Ensure the reliability of your data with a highly available and fault-tolerant Netezza deployment, ensuring your data warehouse can run 24x7x365.  
  • Automate administration in the cloud: No overhead, no indexing, no tuning and automated maintenance with Netezza fully managed in the cloud. Your teams stay focused on other important tasks besides keeping your data warehouse up and running.  

How to get started with IBM Netezza Performance Server as a service on AWS

Netezza is often imitated, but it has never been equaled. Experience granular elastic scalability, simplicity and performance with a sophisticated and modern cloud-native data warehouse. 

Get started with the tech preview of IBM Netezza Performance Server as a fully managed service on AWS today. Talk to your IBM Netezza Performance Server representative today to sign up for the tech preview.

To learn more about the tech preview and how to get started, join us on January 26, 2023, for a virtual event showcasing the latest offerings and cloud-first innovations from Netezza Performance Server. Register here.

For additional information, you can also visit our Netezza website.

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