IBM SPSS software for education

IBM SPSS® software enables educators to teach effectively, helps students gain critical analytical skills and supports more accurate and insightful institutional research and decision-making. Read on to learn more about SPSS academic software.


For students

In today's competitive job market, whether you're preparing for a career in the academic, commercial or public sectors, you need to set yourself apart with marketable skills. As the demand for analytical skills continues to rise, competency with SPSS solutions can help you distinguish yourself as an applicant.

For teachers and researchers

IBM has developed extensive curriculum materials and resources to help higher education instructors and researchers get more out of SPSS software, both in the classroom and when conducting research projects. IBM recognizes that college and university instructors want to spend their time teaching, not learning new software programs or creating curricula around those applications.

For administrators

College and university administrators make a host of critical decisions every day: how to manage enrollment efficiently, retain students, strengthen ties with alumni and donors, and keep their campuses safe, to name a few. Knowing which actions or interventions will lead to better outcomes in those areas can help administrators make the right decisions every time. And that knowledge lies within their data.


SPSS Predictive Analytics for higher education

Recruit the right students, keep them enrolled and determine which alumni are most likely to donate.

Keeping online students on track

The cost-and-convenience advantages promised by online degree programs are often offset by poor completion rates. Predictive analytics can help colleges use data they already have to predict which individual students are at risk and identify individualized intervention strategies.

SPSS free trials

Get started using SPSS Predictive Analytics right away.

Client success

Keller Graduate School of Management

Supports students at every step in their educational journey

University of Connecticut and VineSleuth

Partnership to transform wine industry marketing using IBM Analytics

University of Florida

Harnesses IBM Analytics solutions to monitor and predict students’ performance and help them stay on the path to success