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What’s new in IBM SPSS Statistics 29?
Linear Elastic Net Regression Elastic Net can estimate linear regression models for dependent variables with one or multiple independent variables. See graph for sample output.

Linear Lasso Regression Lasso estimates L1 loss-regularized regression models, and helps you display trace plots and select alpha hyperparameters. See graph for sample output.

SURVREG AFT SURVREG AFT matches accelerated failure time models with model effects proportional to survival time. See graph for sample output.

Linear Ridge Regression Ridge invokes the parametric survival model procedure with nonrecurrent lifetime data for more accurate failure time models. See graph for sample output.
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All SPSS features Advanced statistics

Use univariate and multivariate modeling for more complex analyses.


Predict categorical outcomes and apply nonlinear regression procedures.

Custom tables

Summarize large data sets easily.

Exact tests

Reach more accurate conclusions with small samples and rare occurrences.


Approximate the sampling distribution of an estimator by resampling the original dataset.

Missing values

Uncover missing data patterns, estimate summary statistics, and input missing values.

Data preparation

Streamline data preparation for more efficient analysis and more accurate conclusions.


Predict outcomes and reveal relationships using categorical data.


Build time-series forecasts regardless of your skill level.

Decision trees

Use decision trees and classification to identify relationships and predict outcomes.

Complex samples

Analyze statistical data and interpret survey results for complex samples.

Neural networks

Discover complex relationships and improve predictive models.


Understand and measure purchasing decisions better.

Direct marketing

Easily identify the right customers and improve campaign results.

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