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What are the IBM SPSS GradPacks and Faculty Pack solutions and which is the best edition for me?

IBM SPSS Statistics GradPack is a student version of SPSS Statistics, with the exact same capabilities of the current commercial version of SPSS. GradPack is offered at a discounted price of more than 90% off for students. There are three editions to choose from: Base, Standard and Premium, which functionalities are detailed in the table above.

If you're a teacher or part of an academic institution and want a license for yourself, the Faculty Pack has been made for you and includes all premium functionalities plus AMOS at a highly discounted price.

Your university/campus/academic institution might also have purchased licenses for you already. Please check with them before purchasing your own personal license.

How and from whom do I purchase IBM SPSS GradPack and Faculty Pack?

IBM has carefully selected vendors from which to choose and shop for the best deal.

They will verify your academic credentials, assist you with download, licensing, installation and provide you with an authentication code (if needed). They will also provide all product information and technical support as needed.

I represent an academic institution and would like to buy multiple SPSS licenses in bulk.

If you're an academic institution looking to buy multiple SPSS licenses in bulk for your site, please visit this link: https://www.ibm.com/products/spss-statistics-campus-editions

Can I upgrade from one edition in the middle of an ongoing subscription?

Upgrade terms and conditions are determined by the vendor who sold you the license, contact them to learn about your options.

How long is the trial period and will I be able to access all the features of the software?

You can try SPSS Software at no cost. This trial has all the same features and capabilities as the Premium package.

Can I apply a GradPack authorization code to the SPSS Trial Subscription after the 30-day trial has expired?

No, the SPSS Trial Subscription does not use authorization codes, instead it uses your IBMid username and password to authenticate your license. After your trial has ended, the trial application will no longer work. It is advised that you uninstall the trial when it has expired.  If you wish to purchase a GradPack, you will need to install the GradPack software and apply the authorization code you received from the vendor who sold you the license.

Can IBM help me with my SPSS homework?

Unfortunately, IBM cannot offer assistance with your homework. However, there are numerous online communities and forums where SPSS users help each other. Check with your university for a preferred user group or search the internet for one that has active users.

Does IBM host or participate in any SPSS communities or forums?

Yes, there are a few well known communities that may be of interest to you:

IBM SPSS Statistics Community
IBM Support Forums
SPSS Statistics on Stack Overflow (link resides outside of ibm.com)