Support and security frequently asked questions

How do I get support for SPSS Statistics? (all versions)

On the IBM SPSS Statistics Support page, you will find support information related to downloading software, opening support tickets, obtaining software authorization codes, and much more.

Do I need an authorization code or license key for my Subscription application?

The Subscription application does not require authorization codes. Use your IBMid to activate the software.

Where do I get an authorization code for my Fixed Term or Perpetual software license?

To obtain your authorization code, visit the SPSS License Key Center (link resides outside IBM). If you need help obtaining an authorization code, open Support Case.


Do I have to be online to use my Subscription application?

The SPSS Statistics paid Subscription plan can be used offline, but it requires a user to authenticate their license at least once every two weeks. After 14 days of offline access, the application will stop functioning until an internet connection is established and you log in with your IBMid. A working internet connection is required for this step. We recommend that you download the free trial subscription to ensure compatibility prior to making purchase.

Will my data be stored in the cloud?

When you purchase SPSS Statistics Subscription, the only information in the cloud is information required to manage your subscription account. All functions and data processed within the application are run on your machine and not in the cloud.