What’s new with IBM® SPSS® Statistics 29

Tech Talk series

Get useful tips to advance your statistical analysis with SPSS Statistics 29.

SPSS Statistics 29: Latest release

Discover new statistical procedures, improved open-source extension integration, procedural enhancements, and usability improvements.

Open source and SPSS Statistics

Learn about the benefits of integrating popular open-source software tools including Python and R with SPSS Statistics, and why they’re better together.

Learn what’s new in IBM® SPSS® Statistics 29


Demos, tutorials and white papers

Combine SPSS Statistics with open-source

Learn about the benefits of integrating SPSS® Statistics and open source programming languages.

30-day trial

See step-by-step instructions for how to begin your free trial.

Technical demos

Watch technical experts walk through key capabilities and features.

COVID-19 data analysis

Learn how SPSS Statistics helps with descriptive and predictive analysis of global pandemic data.

Statistics 101

Take this beginner’s course to learn the fundamentals of statistics.

Packages and add-ons

Subscription plan

See a complete listing of features for the Base Subscription and its add-on options.

Traditional licenses

See a complete listing of traditional licensing options and features.

Blog posts and reference materials

Learning guide

Get the most out of your statistical analysis with this learning guide.

Better decisions with SPSS Statistics

Read how a client used SPSS Statistics to improve response times and decision accuracy.

The risks of spreadsheets

Learn why spreadsheets may not be well suited for analysis and decision-making.

Product catalog

Review all of the products and functions within SPSS Statistics.

Industry use cases

SPSS Statistics in industries

Learn how various industries use the product for better decision-making.

SPSS Statistics in academia

Hear how the product has helped academic institutions make better decisions for more than 50 years.

SPSS Statistics at Wichita State

Hear from Dr. David Wright, chief data officer at Wichita State University.

Product features videos

Direct marketing

Identify the right customers easily and improve campaign results.

Complex samples

Analyze statistical data and interpret survey results from complex samples.

Exact tests

Reach more accurate conclusions with small samples or rare occurrences.

Relationship Maps

Learn about this new data visualization tool to enable visual inspection of the relationship across multiple variables.

Statistics Workbook

See how to combine multiple file types into one. Write syntax, then create and edit output in the Workbook to interactively run data analysis.

Power Analysis enhancements

Learn about enhancements to Power Analysis to create graphical representations of results.