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Business intelligence (BI) is a way to reveal actionable insights in your data. If you keep a sales spreadsheet and do forecasts, you’re already practicing BI on a limited scale. If you ever wonder about the "why" behind your spreadsheets, you need BI to help you understand the drivers powering the numbers you see. And if you need BI, you need a modern solution that enables you to generate expertly authored, stunning reports; visualize results; and share those results. You need to be able to ask questions of your data in plain language and get answers you can understand.

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Smarter business intelligence built for any industry

Improve factories, products and customer satisfaction

  • Track equipment and inventory usage throughout location and time to minimize costs
  • Optimize the supply chain, evaluate the performance of your suppliers, negotiate better terms and conditions
  • Ensure timely product deliveries and maximize quality while minimizing production and manufacturing costs

Increase inventory visibility and improve customer satisfaction

  • Improve supply chain responsiveness, within your company and outside your company
  • Know precisely what you hold in your inventory to reduce stockouts and use point-of-sale information to learn which products are most desired by your customers
  • Improve direct-to-customer replenishment or delivery

Deliver better health outcomes with smart, modern and intelligent analytics

  • Improve emergency care, manage regulation compliance and ensure seamless treatment for patients
  • Get reports on potential drug interactions, so you can better ensure that patient safety is never compromised
  • Optimize drug dosing and efficacy, identify the right target population, improve the administration of clinical trials and glean deeper insights from your data

Solutions and products

Featured solution: IBM Cognos Analytics

Unearth hidden insights with a proven, self-service analytics solution driven by AI — IBM Cognos® Analytics. Create and share compelling visualizations and dashboards.

“IBM Cognos Analytics makes our reporting portfolio much easier to manage. We’ve been able to replace literally hundreds of static QBP reports with a handful of interactive dashboards.”
—Asmaa Maloul, Analytics and Business Intelligence, North York General Hospital

IBM Planning Analytics

Automate planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis processes. Go beyond spreadsheets to create efficiency and remove manual steps.

“With IBM Planning Analytics there’s no real limit on what we can model. We see it as a platform for much more than just budgeting and forecasting.”
—Patrick Olsen, Lead Technical Analyst, American Public Media Group

IBM SPSS Modeler

Create and train machine-learning models, without coding — with IBM SPSS® Modeler. Boost data science team productivity with complete algorithms and models ready for immediate use.

“The benefits to our customers are the best proof of the efficiency of SPSS Modeler... . Predictive analytics have enabled the company to extend the maintenance interval of its paper machines by 20 percent.”
—Joonas Isoketo, Chief Analytics Officer, Houston Analytics

IBM Watson Studio

Build and train models at scale in a collaborative, all-in-one environment — IBM Watson® Studio. Operationalize data science with enhanced visual modeling and automated deep learning.

“Watson Studio is the first solution we’ve seen that offers machine learning, integration and automation in a single coherent platform.”
—Baltazar Ozonek, Head of Marketing Technology, GroupM Nordic

IBM Decision Optimization

Solve complex optimization problems with a prescriptive analytics solution. Create optimization models using general programming language APIs or Open Programming Language (OPL) to solve the breadth of optimization models.

“Ultimately, the IBM solution is helping us to gain the most from our resources, and make smarter decisions about investments in our manufacturing network — driving higher revenues and profits.”
—Niklas Steding, IT Project Lead, Continental Tires


Build trust in your data

Good information is the foundation for good decisions. You can’t accurately answer “What’s happening?” in your business without first asking: “Is the data correct?” See how IBM can help.

Not all business intelligence solutions are created equal

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The top-ranked business intelligence solutions

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Client success

Analytics helps students stay in school

Leaders at the University of Florida knew that data about student behavior could hold valuable information about student retention and used IBM Cognos Analytics to turn data into actionable insight for faculty and administrators.

Analytics helped this business grow

A major US insurer upgraded its analytics environment with IBM Cognos Analytics — unlocking new self-service capabilities that help business users find answers for themselves.

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