Respond to evolving business needs

IBM offers a full range of server architectures, configuration options, operating systems, and databases to meet every business need. IBM servers deliver superb performance and high availability, can be deployed in private or hybrid cloud environments, and are designed with a focus on security.


Small enterprise servers

Reliable servers for mission-critical workloads such as SAP HANA® and Db2®, offering an ideal balance of performance and value.

Large enterprise servers

Superior performance for demanding workloads, including cognitive and high-performance computing, in private and hybrid cloud environments.

Scalable servers

Servers optimized for flexibility in deployment models and performance capabilities to accommodate your growing needs.


Unmatched levels of data protection, reliability, and speed for the most demanding workloads, such as blockchain and machine learning.

Secure your cloud infrastructure

Differentiate yourself with a secure platform for a multi-cloud infrastructure.

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Hybrid cloud servers

Combine the reliability, security and scalability of on- premises infrastructure with the flexibility and availability of the cloud. Hybrid cloud offers the best of both worlds.

Linux servers

Ensure stability and eliminate downtime while handling huge user volumes and workloads efficiently, securely and affordably.


Pervasive encryption: achieving security and business gains

Explore the benefits of adopting a pervasive encryption strategy using integrated security components in this report from IDC.

When AI server infrastructure performance hits the wall

Learn why you should be asking whether your server infrastructure is capable of meeting the intense processing demands of AI.

IBM systems: your hybrid IT infrastructure enabler

Find out how IBM servers can serve as the cornerstone of a hybrid cloud architecture.

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