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IBM LinuxONE 4 is the latest iteration of IBM LinuxONE enterprise servers with on-chip AI inferencing and industry-first quantum-safe technologies. 

IBM LinuxONE 4 helps organizations that care about achieving sustainability goals reduce energy costs and carbon footprint with a security-rich, high-performance server platform for data-intensive workloads.

Choose from single frame, multi frame or rack mount to fit your workload optimization and infrastructure needs.

Building a Sustainable Infrastructure

Learn how IBM LinuxONE is helping organizations such as yours reduce their carbon footprint and meet sustainability goals.

2022 SEAL Sustainable Product Award winner, for creating impactful and "purpose-built" products for the future

Benefits Achieve sustainability

Consolidate Linux® workloads on an IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper 4 instead of running them on x86 servers with similar conditions and location to reduce energy consumption by 75%.¹

Enhance security

Protect your data at rest, in flight and in use against internal and external threats.

Build scalability

Spin up instances, orchestrate your workloads and provision your private cloud on demand.

Move to hybrid cloud

Get started, run a dev/test environment or consolidate your workloads on LinuxONE in the cloud.

Features Simplified compliance

Simplify and automate compliance tasks with the IBM Z® Security and Compliance Center.

Explore the IBM Z Security and Compliance Center
Confidential computing

Create a confidential computing trusted execution environment that helps to protect data in use.

Explore IBM Secure Execution for Linux
Quantum-safe cryptography

Protect data with end-to-end encryption that extends to built-in quantum-safe technologies.

Read the blog post
Open hybrid cloud

Move to an open hybrid cloud platform on your choice of infrastructure.

Read the Red Hat® OpenShift® on LinuxONE brief
Secure critical workloads

Securely build, deploy and manage mission-critical applications for hybrid multicloud environments on IBM LinuxONE systems.

Explore IBM Hyper Protect Virtual Servers
99.999999% Availability

Enjoy low downtimes as IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 systems, with GDPS®, IBM DS8000® series with Hyper Swap® and running a Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform environment are designed to deliver 99.999999% availability.²

Energy efficiency

Reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint by consolidating servers and modernizing databases.

Product comparison

Choose from three LinuxONE 4 configurations.

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Product specifications

Emperor 4 multi frame

Rockhopper 4 single frame

Rockhopper 4 rack mount

Maximum number of engines




Maximum number of drawers




Maximum number of IO drawers




Number of frames

1 to 4


No frame

Co-locate with storage/switch





5.2 GHz

4.6 GHz

4.6 GHz

Telum chip




Maximum memory

48 TB

16 TB

16 TB


39, 82, 125, 168 and 200

5, 16, 32 and 68

5, 16, 32 and 68

Specifications sheets

More specifications More specifications More specifications

Energy efficiency

Carbon footprint report Carbon footprint report Carbon footprint report

Interactive tour

3D product tour 3D product tour 3D product tour

IBM LinuxONE Expert Care is available for all LinuxONE 4 systems.

Explore IBM Expert Care

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¹ DISCLAIMER: Compared IBM Machine Type 3932 Max 68 model consisting of a CPC drawer and an I/O drawer to support network and external storage with 68 IFLs and 7 TB of memory in 1 frame versus compared 36 x86 servers (2 Skylake Xeon Gold Chips, 40 Cores) with a total of 1440 cores. IBM Machine Type 3932 Max 68 model power consumption was measured on systems and confirmed using the IBM Power estimator for the IBM Machine Type 3932 Max 68 model configuration. x86 power values were based on Feb. 2023 IDC QPI power values and reduced to 55% based on measurements of x86 servers by IBM and observed values in the field. The x86 server compared to uses approximately .6083 KWhr, which is 55% of the IDC QPI system watts value. Savings assume the Worldwide Data Center Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) factor of 1.55 to calculate the additional power needed for cooling. PUE is based on Uptime Institute 2022 Global Data Center Survey ( x86 system space calculations require 3 racks. Results may vary based on client-specific usage and location.

² DISCLAIMER: IBM internal data based on measurements and projections was used in calculating the expected value. Necessary components include IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4; IBM z/VM V7.2 systems collected in a single system image, each running RHOCP 4.10 or above; IBM Operations Manager; GDPS 4.5 for management of data recovery and virtual machine recovery across metro distance systems and storage, including Metro multi-site workload and GDPS Global; and IBM DS8000 series storage with IBM Hyper Swap. A MongoDB v4.2 workload was used. Necessary resiliency technology must be enabled, including z/VM single system image clustering, GDPS xDR Proxy for z/VM, and Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation (ODF) 4.10 for management of local storage devices. Application-induced outages are not included in the above measurements. Other configurations (hardware or software) may provide different availability characteristics.