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artificial intelligence

The fast path to AI

Combine the cutting-edge AI innovation data scientists desire with the dependability IT requires. Enterprise AI with optimum training tools, ease-of-use, shorter training times and easier model development.

GPU acceleration platform

A superhighway for GPUs and other accelerators

Fully exploit potential of GPUs and other accelerators by eliminating I/O bottlenecks and sharing memory across GPUs and CPUs – yielding faster insights and more accurate models.

data-intensive workloads

Built for data-intensive workloads

Designed with I/O and processing capabilities to accommodate the data-intensive characteristics of modern analytics, HPC and AI workloads.

Meet the next-generation POWER9-based accelerated server

IBM Power System™ Accelerated Compute Server (AC922) delivers unprecedented performance for modern HPC, analytics and (AI). Enterprises can now deploy data-intensive workloads, like deep-learning frameworks and accelerated databases, with confidence. AC922 enables the cutting-edge AI innovation data scientists desire, with the dependability IT requires. This is IT infrastructure redesigned for enterprise AI.

Your AI journey can start today

Don’t hit the infrastructure wall

35% of large businesses and 45% of small businesses expect their current AI infrastructure to last no more than another year. IBM Power Systems with GPU acceleration provide an advanced infrastructure that was built for AI. You can start where you are today and build to where you need to be tomorrow.



Customize a server that can handle the most advanced AI workloads

AI demands a foundation built for speed and scale. With IBM Power Systems, you can tackle new problems with NVIDIA Tesla V100 on the only architecture with NVIDIA NVLink — eliminating barriers between CPU and GPU.

Power Systems accelerated servers in action

Elinar Oy Ltd helps knowledge-intensive organizations turn their data into business value through its Elinar ARTO product family, technology services and maintenance. Learn how they are gaining a competitive advantage with disruptive innovation powered by IBM technology built for AI.


CORAL Summit supercomputer is likely the world's most powerful technology
The compute performance behind CORAL Summit supercomputer is now available to the enterprise. Don’t believe us? See a sneak peek of what 200+ petaflops of high-performance computing and 3 exaflops of AI-as-a-service looks like.

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