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What it can do for your business

IBM Spectrum Symphony® software delivers powerful enterprise-class management for running compute-intensive and data-intensive distributed applications on a scalable, shared grid. It accelerates dozens of parallel applications for faster results and better utilization of all available resources. With IBM Spectrum Symphony, you can improve IT performance, reduce infrastructure costs and expenses and quickly meet business demands.

Dynamic HPC cloud support enables organizations to intelligently use cloud resources based on workload demand, with support for all major cloud providers. IBM Spectrum Symphony is available for automated deployment on IBM Cloud.


Accelerate time-to-results

Get faster throughput and performance for compute-intensive and data-intensive analytics applications to accelerate time-to-results.

Optimize resources

Achieve higher levels of resource utilization by controlling and optimizing the massive compute power available in your technical computing systems.

Reduce costs

Reduce infrastructure, application development, deployment and management costs by gaining control of large-scale jobs, big data analytics, parallel application and technical computing infrastructure.

Gain agility

Respond instantly to real-time demands through silo consolidation and resource sharing so resources are used fully to deliver better performance.

Key features

  • Multiple scheduling schemes
  • Resource-sharing model
  • Built in Hadoop MapReduce-compatible implementation
  • Supports multiple clusters
  • Supports rolling upgrades
  • Three editions of IBM Spectrum Symphony