Discover HPC solutions from IBM

Security-rich, high-performance computing (HPC) in the IBM Cloud can accelerate results by scaling vast numbers of parallel tasks and reduce costs by optimizing the right technology to meet a specific task. Whether the workload requires a hybrid environment or one that’s fully contained in the cloud, IBM Cloud has the solution to meet your needs.



Use cases

Industries benefit from HPC capabilities in the cloud.

Electronic design automation

  • Optical proximity correction
  • Design rule checking (DRC)
  • Simulation (such as timing analysis)

Life sciences

  • Genome processing and sequencing
  • Pharmaceutical design
  • Molecular modeling
  • Protein docking

Film, media and gaming

  • Rendering
  • Computer-aided graphics
  • Computer-generated images
  • Transcoding, encoding
  • Image analysis, processing

Financial services

  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Risk analysis
  • Fraud detection

Government and defense

  • Intelligence work
  • Fraud analysis
  • Climate modeling
  • Weather forecasting
  • Energy research

Oil and gas

  • Seismic data processing
  • Reservoir simulation, modeling
  • Geospatial analytics
  • Terrain mapping
  • Wind simulation

HPC solutions

HPC workload schedulers

IBM Spectrum LSF suites

Enhance compute performance on an enterprise cloud.

IBM Spectrum Symphony

Run distributed app services with enterprise-class grid manager.

Slurm on IBM Cloud

A highly scalable workload manager and job scheduler.

Red Hat OpenShift for HPC

Run containerized HPC workloads on IBM Cloud-managed Red Hat OpenShift cluster.

HPC storage

IBM Spectrum Scale

High-performance storage for workloads with critical bandwidth and I/O throughput requirements.


IBM Cloud® Bare Metal Servers

Integrate NVIDIA GPUs — easily scalable power on demand.

IBM Cloud® Virtual Server for VPC

Deploy application workloads in your own private space.

Dedicated host for VPC

Create dedicated hosts on IBM Cloud.


Use for the most complex, compute-intensive workloads.

IBM Cloud® Object Storage

Get a durable, resilient and security-rich data storage service.

IBM Aspera

Quickly transfer data to and from IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Serverless computing

IBM Cloud® Code Engine

Run applications, jobs or containers on a serverless platform.

IBM Cloud® Functions

Get on-demand code in a scalable serverless environment.


Improve your IT performance with near supercomputing power

Learn how IBM Symphony® on IBM Cloud delivers enterprise-class management for running compute and data-intensive applications.

IBM Research® and leading EDA supplier developing AI chip

Learn how IBM Research and Synopsys are designing chips that could improve AI performance 1,000-fold.

IBM Research team uses IBM Cloud for EDA workloads

Learn how running optical proximity correction (OPC) yields order-of-magnitude process acceleration.

Run OpenFOAM on IBM Cloud

See an example of how the IBM Spectrum LSF offering on IBM Cloud can be used for hosting computational fluid dynamics (CFD) application workloads.

Weather research and forecasting workloads

Learn how the IBM Spectrum LSF offering on IBM Cloud can be used for hosting weather research and forecasting HPC workloads.

The benefits of running high IO apps

Learn how bare metal servers can help you gain big storage advancements, including SSD performance.

Why choose IBM Cloud for GPU solutions?

Explore using IBM Cloud for GPU needs and our GPU solutions and enterprise computing infrastructure.

How fast is the network on IBM Cloud?

Learn how fast the network between bare metal servers is in terms of network throughput and latency.

IBM Spectrum Symphony on IBM Cloud for Monte Carlo simulations

Learn how the IBM Spectrum Symphony offering on IBM Cloud can be used for HPC Monte Carlo simulation workloads.

Spectrum Scale for High Performance Computing (HPC) on the IBM Cloud

Now leverage the power of end-to-end HPC Solutions with VPC, workload schedulers and high-performance file system storage.

Talk to an IBM Cloud expert

Learn how to accelerate your initiatives with HPC solutions on IBM Cloud.