What is Virtual Private Cloud?

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is your own space in the IBM Cloud™. With VPC, you define and control a virtual network in logically isolated parts of the IBM Cloud where you can deploy desired cloud resources. VPC gives you dynamic scalability for easier business growth, high availability for better customer satisfaction, and lower total cost of ownership so you can focus on business innovations.

IBM has helped countless customers safely navigate their journey to the cloud and is ideally suited to help you on your journey to success.



Dynamically scale cloud resources in private virtual networks that adapt to your business requirements.


Protect your business with secure and highly available private virtual networks that give you control over how your cloud resources and workloads are accessed and who might access them.


Capitalize on IBM Cloud availability zones with redundant resources and no shared points of failure to keep your workloads available.


Flexible business growth

IBM Cloud VPC gives you control over the size of your virtual network and the freedom to dynamically deploy cloud resources as your business requires. With VPC, you can easily scale your resources up or down to adapt to changing business conditions.

Customer satisfaction

With Security Groups and Access Control Lists, VPCs deliver more secure environments for application workloads and data. Gain peace of mind and the trust of your customers with IBM Cloud VPCs.

Trusted business

Build multiple VPC subnets in IBM Cloud Multi-Zone Regions, to keep app workloads available with added fault tolerance. Expand your loyal customer community with the high availability and responsiveness of resilient business applications.


Private space in Public Cloud

Create VPCs across one or more availability zones in Multi-Zone Regions.

Network security

With IBM Cloud VPC, protection is integrated at the instance level through security groups and at the subnet level with Access Control Lists (ACLs).

Bring your own subnet

VPC supports bring your own IP (BYOIP) that allows customers to add their own publicly-routable IPv4 prefixes and use it with VPC resources. Easily move applications and connect on-premises resources.

How customers use VPC

Host customer-facing applications

IBM Cloud VPC offers customers an ideal environment to host customer-facing applications and websites. Take advantage of the dynamic scalability of VPC to support more customers when demand for your services grows. By keeping your applications running in a high-availability cloud with faster response times, you can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty while gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Image representing use of virtual private clouds for customer applications and websites

Build hybrid clouds

IBM Cloud VPC allows you to easily and securely connect your on-premises data centers to the IBM Cloud. That enables your on-premises applications to burst into the cloud in times of higher utilization. At the same time, cloud applications can access on-premises information they need. VPC gives you better deployment flexibility while preserving your special business requirements.

Image representing virtual private cloud as part of a hybrid cloud solution

Get started

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