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What is IBM Cloud VPC?

IBM Cloud® Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a highly resilient and highly secure software-defined network (SDN) on which you can build isolated private clouds for your business operations while maintaining essential public cloud benefits. You choose your compute, storage and networking resources and we’ll provide maximum availability and scalability, plus a variety of cost-effective options for your workload demands. IBM Cloud VPC is purpose-built for your IaaS, PaaS and hybrid cloud needs with solutions for VMware, SAP, IBM Z® and more.

Data relocation made easier

IBM Cloud VPC has a global network of six multizone regions and 18 availability zones built to spec for quick access, low-cost migration, low latency and certified security.

Cloud your way, on your time

Support hybrid or multicloud platforms. Streamline workloads across the entire IBM Cloud stack with solutions for VMware, SAP, IBM Z and more.

No-compromise security

IBM Cloud VPC is a privately owned SDN with built-in security, regulatory compliance standards, and multiple hardware and software solutions for confidential computing.

Use cases on IBM Cloud VPC

Modernize your VMware workloads Migrate existing VMware workloads to IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers for VPC while you maintain existing tools with dedicated, native servers. Upgrade to NSX-T for full control of your IP space and update at your pace with Kubernetes or Red Hat OpenShift container management platforms. Learn more
Lower spend on big data and Hadoop Use IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC and VPC networking features for predictable, low-cost or no-cost data ingest and in-movement spends for a lower TCO you can count on each month. Learn more

Control confidential computing and financial workloads Securely deploy sensitive data in the cloud with IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Virtual Servers for VPC and IBM Secure Execution for Linux Technology. Learn more

Accelerate HPC workloads Scale multiple parallel tasks and reduce costs with dynamic, hybrid cloud capabilities to manage workloads and egress costs with IBM Cloud VPC infrastructure and IBM Spectrum® software. Learn more

Apply code VPC1000 at provisioning to get USD 1,000 to use toward your compute, storage and networking resources.
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What is a Virtual Private Cloud?

Walk through a basic VPC architecture and learn the many benefits it can provide a business.

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