IBM Cloud File Storage
Flash-backed, durable, fast and flexible NFS-based file storage—with customizable IOPS and predictable billing
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What is IBM Cloud File Storage for VPC?

IBM Cloud File Storage for Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) provides secure, persistent, cloud NFSv4.1 file storage. This data storage allows you to create zonal file shares for IBM Cloud Virtual Servers on Virtual Private Cloud. Get total control and help minimize costs with flash-backed architecture. Create file shares from 10–32,000 GB, and provision it with a variety of flexible options to quickly adjust to changes in workload demands.

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Features of File Storage for VPC

Flexible customization Provision shares from 10 GB up to 32,000 GB in capacity. You can increase the capacity of an existing file share and adjust IOPS up or down to meet your performance needs.

Smart and safe management Stay confident with storage designed to protect against data loss during maintenance or failures with data encryption-at-rest, encryption-in-transit and replication.

Durability Avoid data loss during maintenance or failures without creating system-level RAID arrays.
Global footprint File shares are provisioned alongside your cloud servers in IBM Cloud® Data Centers around the world.

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