A hybrid approach for integration and security

Modernize based on your business priorities

IBM has a portfolio of cloud software and app modernization services for our hybrid cloud platform to help you achieve greater ROI. Whether you are modernizing your existing enterprise applications, migrating VMware workloads or rebuilding as microservices, you benefit from our experience in helping industry-leading companies integrate and secure apps across their environments.

According to a Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study, customers that engage with IBM Garage services recognize 3x faster time to market.¹

IBM Cloud Satellite

Deploy a common set of toolchains, databases, AI and API architectures across public, private and edge locations.

IBM Cloud Paks

This enterprise software accelerates app development, delivers seamless integration and helps enhance collaboration and efficiency.

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

Seamlessly modernize your VMware workloads and applications with IBM Cloud


Enhance value of existing apps and reduce cost to maintain them

The IBM application lifecycle approach uses data insights, automation and machine learning to assess the performance, availability and use of applications. We work with you on your strategies – from API integration to refactoring with microservices.

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

Achieve better business performance with AI-powered automation, part of IBM Cloud Paks for Automation.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Level up your integration architecture, development and AI augmentation.

Hybrid cloud software for a smarter business

Speed your Digital Reinvention® by infusing the intelligence of AI and the agility of hybrid cloud to modernize, predict, automate and secure your business.


Designed for hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud services


IBM Services has more than 100,000 experts and consultants redesigning processes, apps and cloud infrastructures.

Hybrid cloud software


2,800 clients are using IBM software on our hybrid cloud platform.² 

Public cloud platform


IBM Cloud® supports more than 20,000 production clusters using Kubernetes.

Deploy and manage

Deploy and manage applications securely while keeping operational flexibility

Bring software capabilities and continuous modernization to workloads while improving the experience across cloud and distributed locations for consistency, visibility, security and compliance.

IBM Cloud Pak® for Watson AIOps

Use AI across the ITOps toolchain to assess, diagnose and resolve incidents with mission-critical workloads.

IBM Garage

IBM Garage™ is a team of experts that blend proven lean and DevOps with a human-centric, outcome-first approach.

Cloud Managed Services

These services present a unified approach to managing a hybrid multicloud environment for business resilience and compliance with industry-leading SLAs and security.


Develop cloud-native apps with security at the start

Cloud-native development can increase in efficiency, scalability, and productivity. For security, a DevSecOps toolchain and ensuring security is in place in all facets of application delivery are key.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud offers services to keep your own keys and secure applications from image build to signing and encryption so only you have access to your data.

Cloud-native services

IBM has a portfolio of capabilities, services and products to help jump-start your cloud native transformation journey.

IBM Cloud Pak for Security

Gain insights into threats and risks and respond faster with automation across hybrid, multicloud environments.

Get started

Take the first step to improve ROI with IBM. Try a free two-hour virtual technology discovery session with IBM Garage.

Achieve financial goals

A flexible and innovative strategy could help improve cash flow and enhance ROI – even potentially enabling self-funded projects.


¹ The Total Economic Impact™ of IBM Garage: Cost savings and business benefits enabled by IBM Garage, October 2020.

² https://www.fool.com/earnings/call-transcripts/2021/01/22/ibm-ibm-q4-2020-earnings-call-transcript/ (link resides outside IBM)