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Harness the full power of IBM systems


The enterprise Linux operating system is a solid foundation for your open-source, hybrid cloud infrastructure. Running Linux on IBM servers brings a new level of reliability, security and scalability to your business-critical workloads. Cut complexity and improve performance with Linux on IBM Z®, IBM® Linux ONE and Linux on IBM Power®.

Cyber resiliency

Secure your data and systems to protect against current and future threats.


Spin up instances, orchestrate your workloads and provision your private cloud on demand.


Use a smaller energy footprint to reduce costs for a system that considers sustainability in every aspect of the product lifecycle.

Simplified compliance

Simplify and accelerate compliance to help reduce costs and improve staff productivity.


Achieve up to 99.99999% availability for your mission-critical workloads, equivalent to about three seconds of downtime per year.¹


Speed up modernization of workloads and integrate them seamlessly across the hybrid cloud.

IBM platforms that run the Linux operating system Linux on IBM Z

Bring security and resiliency to your business applications and hybrid cloud with the Linux operating system on an open, enterprise platform.


A sustainable and highly secure Linux server, designed for companies of all sizes.

Linux on IBM Power

A solid foundation for your open-source hybrid cloud infrastructure, enabling you to modernize applications more efficiently.

Linux on IBM Z documentation

Get all the information you need to get started implementing, managing and optimizing Linux on your IBM® z Systems® server.

IBM LinuxONE product documentation

Optimize LinuxONE products with the latest technical notes, principles of operation, architectural references and other resources.

Linux on IBM Power documentation

Achieve peak performance from Linux on your IBM Power server with expert guidance on installation, management and optimization.


¹ IBM internal data based on measurements and projections was used in calculating the expected value. Necessary components include IBM z16; IBM z/VM V7.2 systems collected in a Single System Image, each running RHOCP 4.10 or above; IBM Operations Manager; GDPS 4.5 for management of data recovery and virtual machine recovery across metro distance systems and storage, including Metro Multi-site workload and GDPS Global; and IBM DS8000 series storage with IBM HyperSwap. A MongoDB v4.2 workload was used. Necessary resiliency technology must be enabled, including z/VM Single System Image clustering, GDPS xDR Proxy for z/VM, and Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation (ODF) 4.10 for management of local storage devices. Application-induced outages are not included in the above measurements. Other configurations (hardware or software) may provide different availability characteristics.