Linux on IBM Systems

Harness the full power of Linux® with IBM systems

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Harness the full power of IBM systems


The enterprise Linux operating system is a solid foundation for your open-source, hybrid cloud infrastructure. Running Linux on IBM servers brings a new level of reliability, security and scalability to your business-critical workloads. Cut complexity and improve performance with Linux on IBM Z®, IBM® Linux ONE and Linux on IBM Power®.


Cyber resiliency

Secure your data and systems to protect against current and future threats.


Spin up instances, orchestrate your workloads and provision your private cloud on demand.


Use a smaller energy footprint to reduce costs for a system that considers sustainability in every aspect of the product lifecycle.

Simplified compliance

Simplify and accelerate compliance to help reduce costs and improve staff productivity.


Achieve up to 99.99999% availability for your mission-critical workloads, equivalent to about three seconds of downtime per year.¹


Speed up modernization of workloads and integrate them seamlessly across the hybrid cloud.


¹ IBM internal data based on measurements and projections was used in calculating the expected value. Necessary components include IBM z16; IBM z/VM V7.2 systems collected in a Single System Image, each running RHOCP 4.10 or above; IBM Operations Manager; GDPS 4.5 for management of data recovery and virtual machine recovery across metro distance systems and storage, including Metro Multi-site workload and GDPS Global; and IBM DS8000 series storage with IBM HyperSwap. A MongoDB v4.2 workload was used. Necessary resiliency technology must be enabled, including z/VM Single System Image clustering, GDPS xDR Proxy for z/VM, and Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation (ODF) 4.10 for management of local storage devices. Application-induced outages are not included in the above measurements. Other configurations (hardware or software) may provide different availability characteristics.