Michael Conway

By Michael Conway and others on 27 April, 2020

Reinventing customer contact in light of the Covid-19 pandemic

Overview: During this time of great uncertainty, banks, utility providers and retailers are playing a greater role in society. Customers are worried about their finances, making sure they can access basic necessities and needing doorstep service. With most face-to-face contact disappearing overnight, the contact centre has become the emergency beacon for vulnerable customers – and […]

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By Michael Conway on 6 June, 2019

AI and Banking: Competing with total trust and zero bias

A recent article in The Times highlighted that only half of UK companies have a clear AI strategy in place. There is huge potential for companies across industries to leverage the power of AI to improve their business. The banking sector is no different. But for all its benefits, what makes AI ethical? How do […]

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By Michael Conway on 9 January, 2019

How to be a conversational bank – Seven steps to smarter customer service

In my previous blog post I discussed the emergence of conversational banking – the use of highly-capable virtual agents, underpinned by customer data and cleverly-applied AI, to make digital banking personal. So how do you get started – and what are the key things to focus on? Technology is already enabling conversational banking. Platforms such […]

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By Michael Conway on 23 November, 2018

Banking with personality

The future of banking is conversational People don’t stand for inconvenience these days. We buy everything from shoes to fridge freezers at the swipe of a screen. We stream films on the day of release and watch entire boxsets in one sitting. We don’t wait to catch up with friends in person – we send […]

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