Northern Trust Trusts Blockchain for Private Equity

Today, private equity tends to be an opaque, costly endeavor. Often, ten percent or more is spent on administration. In addition, the administrative activities are manual and can take a great deal of time to complete. In the past, this information (or its owners) was not trusted enough to be digitized. So when Northern Trust […]

How Blockchains Can Provide New Benefits for Healthcare

How valuable would it be to have the full history of your health? What if every one of your vital signs that have been recorded, all the medicines taken, information associated with every doctor’s visit, illness, operations and more could be efficiently and accurately captured? The quality and coordination of health care would be expected […]

Four Ways Blockchain Could Aid Governments

Governments around the world are facing challenges that range from budgetary pressures arising from economic stagnation to aging populations. Many have severely constrained resources, including the ability to access and analyze data to create greater economies. By making it easier to securely share data between institutions and individuals, blockchain technology could help relieve some of […]

How Fordham, IBM are Teaming on Blockchain

You may wonder what a 175-year-old Jesuit university in the heart of New York City might have in common with IBM, a global icon of modern technology. Let me assure you that we are linked in ways both deep and longstanding: driven by shared commitments to the human family, to fearless inquiry, and to the […]

Reimagining Financial Services with Blockchain

Across every industry today, organizations are looking to streamline and automate processes to reduce costs, gain efficiencies, radically improve speed to market and achieve better business outcomes. The financial services industry in many ways is at the forefront of such initiatives – with particular focus on today’s currently disjointed and redundant processing and reconciliation challenges […]

One Year In, Blockchain Grows Stronger

It is hard to believe that almost a year has passed since the Linux Foundation formed the Hyperledger Project. On December 17, 2015, the Hyperledger Project was announced and IBM was among several founding members that contributed code to the cause. The code was given the simple name of Fabric. The initial goal of Fabric […]