It’s a Long and Open Road Ahead for Bus & Coach Travel

As one of the oldest forms of public transport, the bus occupies a special place in our hearts and lives. For more than a century, these vehicles have carried us to work, school, holiday destinations and festivals. But bus and coach companies can hardly afford to be sentimental nowadays. Technological innovations are creating new models […]

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City ‘Congestion Pricing’ Helps Commuters Out of a Jam

More people than ever are living and working in cities – and that’s becoming a problem. All those people need to get around, and our transit systems, after years of underinvestment, can’t handle the load. Frustrated by poor service, more people are opting to drive instead, or take an Uber or Lyft. The result? Traffic, and […]

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5 Things Travel & Transportation Companies Should Consider for 2019

In the travel and transportation industry today, digital transformation is at the core of every decision being made by airlines, railways, hotel chains, rental car agencies, and travelers. Data-driven business models have permeated the entire supply chain, and the travel journey for businesses and consumers alike is being transformed as the pace of change accelerates. […]

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