Big Data

Building Bridges with the Next Generation of Problem Solvers

As the Summer Olympic Games in Brazil recently drew to a close, one of the event’s most historic competitions came to mind: the marathon. The long hours, intense training, and laser focus leading up to the race look to be well worth the effort as each runner crossed the finish line and achieved a long-held […]

Data Scientists Help Unlock the Value of Data in Business

The data scientist, a profession barely mentioned 10 years ago, has grown in importance to become among the most sought after in the United States. That’s because the volume of data organizations must contend with is so overwhelming it’s impossible to find the insights needed to make strategic decisions. A data scientist has the skills to analyze […]

Tapping Technology to Take on Veterans’ Brain Injuries

I’m sensitive to the sacrifices made by wounded warriors because members of my family have served in practically every war the United States has fought going back to colonial times. My father was a P-38 fighter-bomber pilot over Europe in 1944 and suffered a serious brain trauma when one of the bombs from his plane […]

IBM Health Corps: New Ideas for Solving the World’s Health Problems

Zithulele Hospital is a medical marvel. It provides quality acute and primary care for a community of 130,000 people scattered across part of the rural Eastern Cape of South Africa with just 146 beds and 13 fulltime doctors. Zithulele’s situation illustrates one of the major public health challenges in the world today: there aren’t enough […]

Empowering Developers with Self-Service AI

We are witness to the most important and exciting technology shift in more than a generation – the dawn of the cognitive computing era. Cognitive systems, which are most fully realized in IBM’s Watson, can ingest and learn from a wide variety of data, reason over it, and then interact with people in ways that […]

A New Direction for High Performance Computing

I first learned about IBM’s TrueNorth technology starting back in 2014, but it wasn’t until colleagues and I participated in a TrueNorth application development bootcamp last year that I understood its true potential. I am optimistic that this new neurosynaptic computing architecture, which is modeled on the way the brain works, could play an important […]