Cognitive Computing

How Cognitive is Helping One Hospital Curb ‘Code Blues’

Preventable medical errors remain the third leading cause of death in the United States, despite tremendous investments in healthcare technology to improve care, standardize practices, and make choosing “the next best action” easier for healthcare professionals. In Canada, Code Blue, the term used for emergency medical intervention, is the second costliest type of acute care […]

Girding the Grid with Cognitive Computing

The electrical grid has become a network of billions of linked devices with highly complex energy and information flows. Add to this the elevated role of the consumer as a producer and you are looking at a massive volume, velocity and variety of data from smart meters, transformers, and substations that remains largely untapped. One […]

Transparency and Trust in the Cognitive Era

We are in the early days of a promising new technology, and of the new era to which it is giving birth. This technology is as radically different from the programmable systems that have been produced by the IT industry for half a century as those systems were from the tabulators that preceded them. Commonly […]

Cognitive Research Grows in Canada

Research is a key driver of how the world is shaped. It provides insight into society’s most important challenges and issues. It drives innovation, creates jobs, and contributes to the economy and the treatment and prevention of diseases. It also enhances our culture and diversity. Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario is one of Canada’s leading […]

BMW Hits the Fast Lane with IBM Cognitive

When it comes to our cars, drivers are asking for new features powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) and companies like IBM and BMW Group are answering their call. In fact, today we announced a new collaboration focused on exploring how Watson cognitive computing can personalize and enhance the driving experience. And when I […]

What it Will Take for Us to Trust AI

The early days of artificial intelligence (AI) have been met with some very public hand wringing. Well-respected technologists and business leaders have voiced their concerns over the (responsible) development of AI. And Hollywood’s appetite for dystopian AI narratives appears to be bottomless. This is not unusual, nor is it unreasonable. Change, technological or otherwise, always excites […]