Report: Consumers Want Increasingly More Control of the Data They Share

Personal data is the new currency of the digital economy, but consumers want to know that their information is kept secure and well-used in the cognitive era. Generating insight from personal data can bring tremendous benefits to both individuals and organizations. Enormous amounts of personal information is gathered, analyzed and secured. This is where trust […]

Training Watson to Help Detect Melanomas Earlier and Faster

Kiwis and Aussies love the outdoors, especially in the summer sunshine. Unfortunately, that has resulted in the area having one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. With melanoma being one of the most common forms of cancer, early diagnosis is critical to improving survival rates. That’s why I teamed with IBM Research: […]

How YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP Used Watson to Bring Consumers Celebrity Style

When our YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP team took part in a recent Watson Hackathon, we sought to answer an age-old fashion question: what is she wearing? Fashion followers always want to know where they can get the latest pieces to create the outfits they see and like. This curiosity is truer today than ever before since consumers now shop […]

American Airlines Soars Into the Cloud with IBM at Interconnect 2017

Yesterday marked an important milestone in IBM’s continued success as an enterprise partner with the world’s largest airline, American Airlines (American). Taking center stage at Interconnect, IBM’s annual cloud conference, American gave an update on their experience and journey with IBM Cloud and the path they are on with migrating their critical customer-facing applications to […]

Transforming the World of Digital Identity

From getting a driver’s license to setting up a new wireless account, today trying to get things done online, in person and on the phone takes far too long. In order to provide you with a service, companies need to collect so much information about you just to prove that you are who you say […]

Financial Services Go Digital and Collaborative

Seemingly overnight, the financial services industry has transformed into a digital business. In the past, institutions enjoyed a stable customer base and revenue with little to no competition outside of typical industry players. The rise of the internet, mobile, and technologies such as AI, however, has led consumers to look beyond traditional solutions to get […]