IBM Research

Why We Patent

To some, today’s announcement that IBM once again led the U.S. in patents in 2016 might sound as predictable as snow in upstate New York in January. After all, this marks the 24th consecutive year IBM has received the most patents. It’s what we do, right? But to gloss over this news would be to […]

Exploring the Brain in Search of New Ways to Combat Disease

Understanding the brain is one of the grandest challenges we have in science. By understanding the brain, we will understand how the brain creates our cognitive processes, how these processes are implemented in brain tissues, and how the brain differs from other systems we see and build. I’m a neuroscientist and have worked at modelling […]

Cognitive Research Grows in Canada

Research is a key driver of how the world is shaped. It provides insight into society’s most important challenges and issues. It drives innovation, creates jobs, and contributes to the economy and the treatment and prevention of diseases. It also enhances our culture and diversity. Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario is one of Canada’s leading […]

Bringing ‘Hidden Figures’ of Innovation to STEM

When I saw the movie Hidden Figures, I was struck by the determination of the so-called human “computers” – the African-American women whose mathematical calculations made it possible for astronaut John Glenn to be launched into orbit during the 1960s Space Race that coincided with American advances in Civil Rights. The inspiring stories of these […]

The Power of Thinking Big: IBM Research’s “5 in 5”

Great scientific leaps rarely happen incrementally. They come from setting big, ambitious goals that move discovery forward. Think of the Wright brothers’ determination to fly, President John F. Kennedy’s pledge to put a man on the moon, or IBM Research’s resolve to build a computer that could understand spoken language and beat the greatest human […]

How to Fix the Fake News Phenomenon

Academics, medical professionals, humorists and others gathered in New York City last week at the Future Today Summit to share their expertise in how technology is changing the world, and how man can and will adjust to it. Amy Webb, After the event, Founder and CEO of the Future Today Institute, and also an adjunct […]