Machine Learning Ushers in a World of Continuous Intelligence

For decades, data and analytics have played an important role in our economy. The process of analyzing data, however, remains labor intensive. Even with the most advanced techniques, data scientists spend countless hours developing, testing and retooling analytic models one step at a time. Worse yet, most organizations cannot find enough data scientists to complete […]

Move Over Millennials: Generation Z is Retailers’ Next Big Buying Group

Millennials are currently retailers’ largest demographic, with a massive consumer base dwarfing the size of their once-dominant Generation X predecessors. And they love to shop online — during the 2016 holiday season, more than one-third of online shoppers were Millennials. But just as Millennials overtook Gen X, there’s another big buying group retailers and consumer […]

Driving the World’s Most Accurate Weather Forecasts

Weather forecasting is a data challenge on the scale of few others. Weather is perhaps the single largest external swing factor in business performance today, responsible for an annual economic impact of nearly half a trillion dollars in the U.S. alone. We all need help anticipating weather’s effects on us whether it’s a simple question […]

Canadian Military Healthcare Consortium Taps Analytics for More Comprehensive Research

Canada is the second largest country by land mass worldwide and is home to a significant military population: more than 60,000 serving members in the Canadian Armed Forces, 20,000 serving members in the Primary Reserve Forces, and more than 700,000 Veterans. The Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR) is a consortium of […]

Chasing the Sun with Cognitive Technology

By Steve Hamm IBM Chief Storyteller In the solar energy realm, nothing beats the drama and fun of the biennial Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, an 1800-mile race in solar-powered cars across the Australian outback. Teams from dozens of universities around the world compete for global bragging rights–combining precision teamwork with advances in software, electronics, materials […]

Using Analytics to Better Understand and Shape the Future of Retail

By Simeon Piasecki Retailers the world over are grappling with how to attract today’s digitally savvy consumers and turn them in to repeat customers. Yet, I would argue that this is nowhere more keenly felt than in China. Chinese consumers are setting shopping trends globally, especially with their avid use of digital devices and social […]