Where Cyber Resiliency Can Make an Impact in 2018

Over the last year, frequent cyberattacks, data breaches, and other IT disruptions have garnered significant media attention and raised a new level of awareness among business leaders, IT professionals, and the general public. While that heightened awareness is a positive development, the mandate to secure and protect data is a growing business concern. Therefore, it […]

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Building Cyber Resilience in an Era of Constant Threats

We find ourselves in urgent times in the area of security and resiliency. The continual barrage of ever-evolving, more sophisticated cyber-attacks, like the extensive WannaCrypt ransomware attack that has affected people in more than 150 countries, is the reality of the connected world. It is this state of disruption that ushers in this year’s Business […]

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Resiliency Communications in the Cloud: The Forecast Looks Bright

Extreme weather events now represent the second most likely risk factor facing businesses today. In 2016 alone, weather-related problems inflicted $53.5 billion in economic damage on U.S. communities. Such impact is driving improvements across disaster recovery and crisis management communications processes in the enterprise. And as more organizations begin their data center transformations, moving some […]

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