Blockchain: Securing the Financial Systems of the Future

Eighty years ago, IBM helped the United States government create the Social Security system, which, at the time, was the most complex financial system ever developed. Today, as financial transactions become increasingly digital and networked, government and industry must once again combine forces to make the financial systems of the future more efficient, effective and […]

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How Businesses and Governments Can Capitalize on Blockchain

The emergent technology blockchain has been roiling the technology and financial services industries for months, and, now, people in other industries and government agencies are asking questions about it. I’m convinced that it has the potential to transform not only the way commerce is done but the interplay between governments, businesses and citizens. That’s why […]

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Reinventing Securities Trading with Blockchain

Unlike some of my colleagues in our banking and financial markets teams, I’m no securities expert, but I’ve learned more about securities trading in the past six months than I ever would have thought possible. That’s because I spend many hours on the phone each week with leaders from securities exchanges and financial services companies […]

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How Blockchain Will Transform Business and Society

The Linux operating system started as a gleam in the eye of a Finnish university student, Linus Torvalds, who simply wanted to find a better way to connect his new PC to his school’s computer system. Now it’s one of the underpinnings of the 21st century economy. Linux is all the proof we need of […]

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