未来は現在 – ブック・オブ・フューチャーズ (Bespokeの『Book of Futures』日本語訳)



未来をデザインする手法、考え方、ツール、物語、マインドセット、方法論が書かれたビスポーク(Bespoke)社の本『Book of Futures』の日本語訳第2回をお届けします(第1回はこちら)。



the future is now

It seems today that the future of everything is everywhere we look. At any given moment we are being bombarded with news and stories on the newest technological trend that promises to revolutionize the world and our lives. This new reality is generating unnecessary anxiety and fear for not being on top of the latest trendy thing.


未来はここからスタートする — 私たちが暮らしているのは、どこに目をやってもそう主張するものに溢れている時代です。

いのではないか? そんな無用な不安に苛まれる人も少なくないでしょう。


Reality is that the future is much more complex, non-linear and tangled up than we think. Advancements and changing forces are not distributed equality, human needs are constantly evolving and the speed of these changes are faster than the majority of people and organizations can keep up with.



We might have the access to enormous amounts of data, numbers, figures, and information about the world, but that means nothing if we are not able to make sense of it – and more importantly, use it to gain insight into what is possible. Insight that will help us imagine and actualize new scenarios, that can guide humanity to become the best versions of itself.





The complexity is what makes futures design such an exciting and valuable discipline in these times of change. Futures design is not a crystal ball, through which we can prophesize on our destiny, but rather the fuel for creative thinking and doing. Future design is a powerful and proactive way to take advantage of our unpredictable world, encouraging us to meet this changing reality with high curiosity, imagination, and the desire to better illuminate the societal, environmental, and economic factors that otherwise are in the dark.


予測不能性に溢れた世界の中で、強い好奇心と想像力を私たちから引き出し力強く前へと押し出し、暗闇の中にじっと潜んでいる社会的、環境的、経済的な要因をまばゆい光で照らし出し強い優位性を与える — それがフューチャーデザインなのです。


The future is not a distant, foreign place out of our reach, it is in its essence defined by our present dreams and actions. Let’s bring the future back from tomorrow, into the now.





A rhythm of creative thinking

Designing the future alone and with others relies on our ability to both openly explore the world, and extract the essence of our observations to create something new. The rhythm of divergent and convergent thinking is a rhythm of creating opportunities and making decisions, of opening up for new inputs and an abstract understanding of things, and closing in on concrete interpretations and articulations. The rhythm is essential to the creative process, and we invite you to adapt it as a rhythm of thinking, when you read this book, and in your work as a future designer.








今回翻訳はせずに写真だけ(1枚目の写真)を載せましたが、最後に<フューチャーデザイナーのマインドセット>の中からおおっ! と思わせられた要素や表現を。


  • Takes a stand | 立ち場を明らかにする
  • Use creative expressions to explore and share future scenarios | フューチャーシナリオの探索とシェアには創造的な表現を用いる
  • Curious over judgement | 判断よりも好奇心を優先する


Happy Collaboration! 

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