Transforming the Closing Process Globally with Configuration

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We’re pleased to present the solution Integration & Consolidation by Wiesberg, powered by IBM.

A single, yet comprehensive, solution

For a long time, consolidation, budgeting & forecasting, reporting & visualization has been executed on disparate tools. But it doesn’t need to anymore. Based on the IBM Analytics palette, Wiesberg has designed a fully integrated, 360degree solution to provide a wholesome and real-time overview of any company.
The solution brings consolidation, performance management and business intelligence together on a unified platform, by integrating IBM Cognos Controller, IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1.

Consider ROI before investing

A unified platform brings many benefits, among others are data integrity and maximized ROI.
Maximized ROI is achieved twofold. 100% scalability of the solution ensures that only required functions are implemented, with the option to scale up or down as needed. Effectively customers only invest in services used, lowering TCO. Secondly, an efficient implementation and active facilitation of fast adoption accelerates ROI.

Ease of use makes the difference 

A key factor in designing the solution was ease of use. It is also a feature which has won Wiesberg several former HFM users. The secret weapon is IBM Cognos Controller, which makes it possible to consolidate entire enterprises, solely through configuration. The flexibility of the solution facilitates changes, whether they’re structural or external, making it an essential tool for the ever-evolving enterprise.

What you get

With Integration & Consolidation by Wiesberg a company receives automated consolidation, audit trail, self-service analytics, real-time overview and one truth. It’s accessible through web, on a user-friendly interface and features Excel add-in.

IBM in collaboration with Wiesberg deliver a unique value. We deliver a solution to the finance department, which is owned and managed by the finance department.

We’re in the business of delivering integrable knowledge

We empower the enterprise by delivering integrable knowledge, to facilitate decision making and optimizing business management.

The solution is already adopted by Denmark’s biggest enterprises, trusted by the Swedish government and used all over the world. We look forward to empowering many more businesses and enterprises through Integration & Consolidation by Wiesberg. Who would you recommend it to?

It’s available as on premise and cloud/SaaS and select between fast track- or customized configuration implementation.

About Wiesberg

Wiesberg specializes in all things IBM Analytics systems related, delivering solutions within financial and operational performance management. Through 15 years of experience Wiesberg has achieved expert levels in digitizing and simplifying processes.

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate with contacting me or our partner at /

Technology Service Providers Sales Leader, Nordic

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