What downhill skiing has to do with our new developer webinars

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I’m glad to announce our first Nordic webinar series for developers and tech enthusiasts. Like a fearless first time downhill skier we are jumping down different slopes to check out what you guys appreciate the most!

On November 21st a webinar regarding whats to come with quantum computing went live. It’s available to try, and here you gain an insight on why it is so great, and the different programming approaches that are still to be explored.
Second session went live on Nov 27th we get back to today’s reality developing cloud back-ends and choosing deployment approach. Docker and Kubernetes have definitely won the micro service architecture battle. But it raises the question: are they always the right choice?
Nov 28th we turned the focus over to the booming area of deep learning. With an attempt to help democratizing DL and make it availabile also for developers, not just data scientists, we give an introduction to DL as-a-service.
Finally Dec 4th we’re rounding off with Blockchain. In an attempt to move past the hype and guide on when and how to include a private network in your next app project.

Held at 20min each we aim to provide bite sized learnings to inspire you to find out more on the topic.

  • Cloud Deployment – Cloud foundry vs Kubernetes vs Docker: When to use what and why?
    Status:  27.11, 10:00 CET Watch here
  • Blockchain – Case stories from a technical perspective
    Status: 4.12, 10:00 CET Enroll here
  • How to program a real Quantum computer without having to be a Quantum physicist.
    Status:21.11, 10:00 CET  Watch here
  • Democratizing Deep learning – Deep Learning as a Service
    Status:28.11, 10:00 CET Enroll here

Give them a try and be sure to leave us a comment on  how you liked them and what topics you would like to see going forward!

For any further questions do not hesitate to contact me at: BERGLUND@dk.ibm.com

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