Are you IoT secure?

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Enhanced security features in Watson IoT Platform

In a study of more than 528 IoT developers (conducted by the Eclipse IoT Working Group in partnership with the IEEE IoT and the AGILE-IoT research project), nearly half the respondents cited security as a primary concern, followed by interoperability and performance. [1]

Figure 1: IoT Developer Survey Findings, Apr 2016

Figure 1: IoT Developer Survey Findings, Apr 2016

Operational security is top of mind when selecting an IoT platform. That’s why when it comes to securing IoT apps and services, Watson IoT Platform delivers on the expectations of IoT innovators. Whether you’re an individual developer, or an enterprise architect, you can count on the robust security standards supported by Watson IoT Platform which complement the use of open standard secure communications protocols, such as TLS v1.2, that ensure IoT device interactions are authenticated and encrypted. Coupled with the additional operational security capabilities of both Bluemix and Softlayer – all compliant with a wide range of Industry Standards – you can confidently configure and manage a secure environment appropriate for your device, application and user requirements.

Watson IoT Platform is built on the highest standards of security internally and has been audited by a third party firm to ensure compliance specifically with ISO 27001 – the key standard that defines the best practices for information security management processes and ensures that the right measures are implemented, documented, and maintained.

Don’t let IoT security be an afterthought: practice makes perfect

Here is a convenient list resources to learn more about best practice:

End notes

[1] Profile of an IoT Developer, Annual IoT Developer Study/Survey, Eclipse IoT Working Group in partnership with the IEEE IoT and the AGILE-IoT research project, Apr 2016

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