Voice Bank

Voice Bank project captures the human voice: A personalised synthetic voice creation system and playback app for laryngeal cancer patients.

The Context

The Voice Bank project addresses the problem of people who have lost their voice through laryngeal cancer, where the voice box is removed.

Many patients use a prosthesis or an electrolarynx to communicate, which result in the loss of personality in the person’s voice. The technology is also expensive for the NHS.

What We Did

We worked with four interns on IBM’s Extreme Blue programme to produce a fully operational voice recording website and android app for playback. The Voice Bank application banks a person’s voice before the voice box is removed. It deconstructs spoken sentences into phonemes. The team designed and built a website that allows users to store their voice, and an Android app that will help them communicate after surgery.

The Solution

The voice bank website uses HTML5 media recording capabilities to guide users through the process of recording a bank of voice samples that cover common situations, it also allows users to add their own common phrases. An android application with predictive typing function enables users to quickly type out sentences and speak them using their recorded synthetic voice.