Emerging Technology at THINK 2018

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Emerging Technology attended the THINK DevZone at IBM’s flagship THINK conference in Las Vegas, showcasing recent IoT projects!


Health and Safety IoT

The first demonstration on offer was Bob – a lone construction worker working on an asset such as a powerline. Whilst Bob is working alone, his health and safety needs to be accounted for. Emerging Technology have put together a solution to capture impacts and changes in temperature, humidity and air quality that may expose Bob to a greater risk whilst he is working. To achieve this, small sensors in Bob’s helmet communicate with the IBM Watson IoT Platform to allow for remote monitoring. The data from Bob’s helmet is then analysed in IBM Cloud using Node-RED to produce an overall risk factor. Alerts can then be triggered accordingly and for THINK, an LED pixel strip was used to indicate the risk. Much like a popular fairground attraction, the impact detection proved popular with THINK delegates!




Spinal Cord Injury Management

Also on offer at THINK, was a demonstration of an on-going project to improve the management process of patients with Spinal Cord Injuries. Following on from a recent hackathon where Emerging Technology won first place, the team are continuing to explore design and implementation of a monitoring solution to detect changes in condition before they occur, so that carers or those in the surrounding area of the patient that aren’t quite familiar with a patient’s specific baselines can be made aware of any actions that need to be taken. For example, changes in temperature, sweat levels, heart rate or body position could indicate a potential issue that needs to be resolved in order to avoid an emergency.

The current demonstration shows a temperature, humidity and a heart rate sensor publishing data over the IBM Watson IoT platform to an iPad application that would be mounted on the wheelchair of the patient. Alerts can then be triggered with appropriate actions if the sensor data indicates a potential issue. For example, using real-time weather conditions from The Weather Company (link to bmix service), clothing choices can be recommended when changing environments. Going outside from a cool, air conditioned room on a warm, sunny day could trigger an emergency if the patient’s body temperature isn’t monitored.

For more information and to check out other Emerging Technology demos, visit our demo showcase or email Dan Cunnington ( if you have any questions.

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