An intelligent approach to multicloud management

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Here’s a staggering fact: According to an IBM Institute for Business Value study, 94 percent of enterprise customers surveyed stated they are using multicloud, multicluster environments (public, private and at the edge) to optimize cloud workloads and take advantage of innovation and avoid cloud vendor lock in. Yet, less than 40 percent have the procedures and tools to operate a multicloud environment.

If you’re an operations manager or site reliability engineer (SRE), you know the importance of meeting key service level agreements (SLAs) and service level objectives (SLOs). In order to achieve them, however, you need management solutions that can unify increasingly complex hybrid, multicloud and multicluster environments, drive business value with app-centric cloud solutions and enable localized and intelligent application processing.

Barriers to hybrid, multicloud management

Today’s disparate monitoring tools limit visibility across evolving environments, while slow delivery and management processes are often the results of non-automated, manual methods. And then there’s the issue of consistent security and quality assurance, which are sometimes addressed just before a release.

Take an example of an enterprise in the auto manufacturing industry challenged with managing their applications that run across multiple data centers, network zones and scattered environments. Having a single dashboard can help to seamlessly and consistently deploy applications running across multiple clouds and manage it all through that single channel.

Smarter visibility, governance and automation for DevOps and SRE

IBM recognizes these challenges, so in 2019, we launched the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management, an application-centric, AI-infused platform for IT automation with full visibility and control.  Enterprises can enable SRE and ITOps teams to automate distribution of compliance policies across application components and remotely manage the entire development, security, and operations pipelines from a single control plane.

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management delivers consistent security, automation, and AI for IT Operations wherever workloads run. Enterprises can increase operational efficiency that’s driven by intelligent data analysis and predictive golden signals and gain built-in support for compliance management.

It’s your cloud journey. Let us help.

IBM has helped thousands of enterprises across 20 industries realize a faster, more secure journey to cloud. If you’re ready to take the next steps in your multicloud management and DevOps strategy, access the following resources and discover the path to smarter visibility, governance and automation.

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