The Cloud Adoption Playbook: Your guide for enterprise cloud adoption

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Cloud Adoption Playbook cloud adoptionThis is the first post in a series on cloud adoption and transformation, following the release of The Cloud Adoption Playbook.

Cloud technology is challenging people’s fundamental understanding of how business works.

Companies are using cloud to reimagine and reinvent business models, make decisions using the newest natural resource, data, to improve customer engagement and business outcomes with innovative solutions. Successful cloud adoption is not typically driven only by the choice of cloud vendor, combination of technologies or greater infrastructure decision. True cloud adoption is ushered by the technical and organizational requirements of a business and the acceptance of cloud as an enabler for business innovation.

The enterprise need for cloud adoption

Cloud adoption at enterprise scale is not something that can be done halfheartedly or by buying into one platform or product. Simply moving small applications to a cloud-based infrastructure service, using cloud or platform services to test an application before releasing it to production or subscribing to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application may work for some, but does not represent scaling across the enterprise.

Far too often, clients come to the IBM Cloud Garage to co-create a new application, soon realize that integrating their new solution with their existing environment takes some reworking. Then we start the conversation that every business must have in considering cloud: to maximize the return on investment, value, impact and scaled success, every business — large and small —  must establish a cloud adoption strategy that covers facets often neglected in the excitement of early technology adoption.

A successful cloud adoption strategy must cover all areas of the business that could be affected by adopting cloud, including

  • Preserving as many of the investments the company has already made as possible
  • Instilling confidence in how the enterprise sets objectives
  • Encouraging progress through quick wins, aiming toward relentless sustained innovation
  • Developing an actionable roadmap that connects strategy to execution

A guide for enterprise cloud adoption

I’m excited to share our latest asset in guiding the enterprise modernization journey, The Cloud Adoption Playbook. It aims to start conversations about the essential considerations related to adopting cloud, transforming work culture and modernizing core technical investments.

We prepared the playbook to guide current and potential cloud adopters along their cloud adoption journey, drawing from our experience helping hundreds of clients make use of the cloud in all its forms. From assessing an ecosystem’s readiness to learning to manage and operate in a new cloud environment, the playbook provides readers with hardened patterns, best practices and insights based on real client engagements.

Take, for example, a global, multinational bank based in Europe, with whom we worked to map a reduction in IT spending by 21 percent in as little as two years. Or there’s the global airline with whom we worked to establish a holistic modernization strategy that tied into its new, cloud-native applications. In both of these engagements, we noticed the need for a mix of tactical and strategic directions to succeed on cloud.

An organization needs a playbook with which to learn, follow and navigate. The Cloud Adoption Playbook will help guide anyone involved at any level of cloud adoption.

Written by a group of distinguished technical leaders from across IBM, the playbook will help your organization ensure a coordinated cloud adoption. Because our consulting work is vendor agnostic, the guidance  in The Cloud Adoption Playbook is easily applicable, regardless of how an organization chooses to implement cloud, or with whom. The Cloud Adoption Playbook was created to ensure that every enterprise can move at its own pace and make its own decisions on where and how to adopt cloud solutions.

You can order an e-book of The Cloud Adoption Playbook through our publisher here.

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