IAmI prevents cyberattacks in real time with IBM Cloud

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IAmI prevents security breachesWith ever-advancing cyberattacks, hackers are gaining unauthorized access to networks and secure data at alarmingly high and unprecedented rates. Many organizations don’t even know their network security has been compromised until it’s much too late. Once stolen, their private data is impossible to protect.

Hackers typically begin by acquiring a set of login credentials — the easiest part of the attack — to gain initial access to the network. Once in, they will do surveillance, gathering more information on how to make their way further inside the network until they reach and gain access to the central databases and servers. Then comes the data breach.

Preventing cyberattacks in real-time

IAmI Authentications, an IBM Business and Technology Partner, is a business-to-business cybersecurity solution that protects all enterprise networks and sensitive data from intrusion attacks and breaches in real-time. The solution empowers users to protect their own login credentials from hackers who would otherwise try to exploit them to gain unauthorized access. Organizations and users can know their login credentials and secure data are shielded from being nefariously exploited or breached.

Each time a user’s login credentials are used to access the network or any privileged access area(s) across the network, they received an authentication request from the IAmI smartphone application prompting them to confirm or deny the authenticity of the login.

Authentication requests are sent through two-factor authentication protocols using push technology, and users are required to respond with one simple touch to the app. The IAmI solution advances all current authentication and identity service methods, as this becomes the new way for “trusted people” to gain access to “trusted networks.”

If it’s an attack, users will immediately identify the intrusion and prevent the hacker from gaining unauthorized access. Just by touching the “deny” button on the app, the attack is thwarted.

Zero-minute detection rates

Today, the average detection time surpasses 205 days, after the attack has taken place. That’s simply too late. IAmI drastically brings the detection rates from many days to zero minutes, as clients benefit from having real-time network intrusion monitoring and detection systems as well as a real-time intrusion prevention solution.

IAmI not only has advanced where other authentication providers have not, but the solution also prevents data breaches from occurring by implementing it all the way through to mainframe environments, sensitive databases and servers.

The IAmI solution is reinforced with the power of IBM Cloud, and also includes a lightweight API and proprietary smartphone apps running on Apple Watch, iOS and Android. The entire solution operates strictly on tokens, with no user Personal Identifiable Information (PII) ever being exposed or requested.

Partnering with IBM

Creating a much required solution for a global epidemic meant IAmI needed the support and reliability of a global leader in emerging cloud technology. That’s IBM Cloud.

IBM has been instrumental to the success and growth of the company. Since coming through the IBM Innovation Space in early 2016, IAmI immediately benefited from the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program and continues today to work with IBM to reach clients, while getting advice and guidance from world class executives.

Being an IBM Business and Technology Partner means that IAmI is able to offer its solution to clients from all parts of the world and also deliver it on the reliability of IBM Cloud. Today, IAmI is is available in the IBM Marketplace across 15 international markets and counting.

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