Extending Netcool Operations Insight with Agile Service Manager for dynamic converged topology

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Agile Service ManagerWhen everything that you know is changing so quickly, how can IT and network operations teams be effective and responsive to maximize customer service?

No matter your business goals, addressing IT infrastructure operations requires reliable context to understand and resolve problems quickly. Additionally, the infrastructure you are relying on is changing more rapidly than ever before. These changes can improve your environment, have a negative impact or have no discernable effect.

When context matters, your operations team needs service and infrastructure information right away. And it is important to trust the information that you’re getting.

IBM has just delivered the Agile Service Manager feature of Netcool Operations Insight for operations teams like yours. You need to be aware of application, service and infrastructure topologies and relationships. And you need that information to be actionable in near real-time, whether by automation or manual response.

Agile Service Manager gives you dynamic, converged topology and relationship information through a combination of traditional polling discovery and active bidirectional communication with the other actors in your environment. With Agile Service Manager, you can:

  • Collect long-lived information from traditional discovery tools including IBM Network Management
  • Maintain bidirectional contact with orchestration and change engines so that Agile Service Manager is up to date with all changes that they make
  • Monitor applications, services and infrastructure—including network domain, server and cloud infrastructure—as well as storage to have an accurate view of the total infrastructure to speed problem identification
  • Maintain a historical view of resources and relationships so operations teams know not just how things are structured right now, but how they were structured at a given point in time, and when critical changes occurred. They can also compare topologies at two points in time to understand how resources, relationships and state has changed

Agile Service Manager interacts with the change agents in your environment, incrementally updating topology information based on changes whether they are intended or not. Knowing what the environment looks like right now, combined with awareness of when important changes occurred, can radically accelerate problem remediation. It’s the key to mastering automated lifecycle solutions.

IBM Netcool Operations Insight is a leader in cognitive operations, dynamic infrastructure and service management, and enabling hybrid management of hybrid cloud applications so that you can:

  • Effectively identify important problems
  • Allow teams to operate Efficiently
  • Successfully manage operations in a fast-changing IT infrastructure

For more information on IBMs Point of View check out this white paper from Analysys Mason or take a look at the Gartner OSS Magic Quadrant.

And take a look at the latest updates about Netcool and IBM Operations management.

What is a “living network?” Find out here.

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