Building a predictable cloud migration path with the IBM Hybrid Cloud Build team

By | 2 minute read | February 2, 2021

The move to the cloud is integral to virtually every digital and business transformation strategy. The reasons can be obvious and realized quickly: the cloud allows enterprises to innovate faster, scale more effectively, control costs, make better use of their data and often offers better customer experiences. However, cloud adoption can complicate the infrastructure and create potential risks that require specialized skills and tools to realize full cloud benefits. What happens when you don’t have the in-house expertise needed to drive a successful cloud migration?

Long-time IBM Build Business Partner, PearlChain, recently faced this challenge. PearlChain offers a real-time operational technology solution across multiple industries. Previously, they had a solution that was database independent from a coding perspective, coming from Oracle and Microsoft SQL platforms. They needed to improve the economics and flexibility of their deployment model by transitioning to an open-source database, specifically, PostgreSQL. But without the expertise to drive such a migration, PearlChain was facing a project that was unpredictable in terms of timeline, budget and cost.

Finding help

PearlChain sought help and this is where the IBM Hybrid Cloud Build Team comes in. The IBM Hybrid Cloud Build Team worked closely with PearlChain to provide insights and migration advice, based on their experience working with other IBM Business Partners. The team advised PearlChain on how to use a PostgreSQL setup in their local environment and helped migrate MSSQL data to the PostgreSQL. Following this, the team delivered a successful proof of concept, migrating their AWS MSSQL application database to PostgreSQL on IBM Cloud Databases.

The work of the IBM Hybrid Cloud Build team opened the pathway for the deployment of PearlChain applications on IBM Cloud and other hybrid clouds. PearlChain can now reach new clients, deploying cloud-based products anywhere, while still meeting the security and compliance needs of each industry. Learn more about PearlChain’s journey to the IBM Cloud:

The Hybrid Cloud Build Team comprises of IBM developer advocates and deep technical experts devoted to helping IBM Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Global System Integrators (GSIs) drive workload migrations and application modernization with IBM’s Hybrid Cloud & AI solutions. The IBM Hybrid Cloud Build team assistance can be secured as a benefit of Cloud Engagement funding. You can contact your IBM representative for more information.

The IBM Hybrid Cloud Build Team is ready to help GSI and ISV partners embrace Red Hat OpenShift on IBM public cloud. For more information, contact the team directly at

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