Why advanced analytics?

Advanced analytics enables you to find deeper insights and drive real-time actions.

With advanced analytics capabilities, you can understand what happened, what will happen and what should happen.

Easily engage both business and technical users to uncover opportunities and address big issues. Operationalize analytics into business processes.

Advanced analytics resources


Stream Computing in the Cloud

Learn how you can use stream computing in the cloud to deploy data stream analytics for your organization to continuously analyze data streams with connectors to any data source and built-in analytics.


Understanding Big Data Beyond the Hype

Read this practical introduction to the next generation of data architectures that introduces the role of the cloud and NoSQL technologies and discusses the practicalities of security, privacy and governance.

Client success stories


Mears Group

The Mears Group is a UK company that does maintenance and repair on social housing and in-home care. Learn how they use Watson Analytics to uncover information that they might not ordinarily see.

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ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank has implemented IBM InfoSphere solutions to achieve a deeper understanding of customers, to drive innovation and to stay ahead of competitors.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee (BCBS)

BCBS turned to IBM to profile, analyze, cleanse and standardize their big data more quickly than before.

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