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What is Insight Cloud Services?

IBM Insight Cloud Services deliver data and data-science based insights by combining internal data with external data about people, events, geo-spatial factors, and businesses from sources such as Twitter and The Weather Company. These external datasets have been enriched, refined and statistically validated by IBM data scientists. Insight Cloud Services takes the complexity of analyzing multiple sources of data out of the equation using specialized analytic models developed by IBM for businesses to find more and more relevant signals in the data. We also make it easy for businesses to connect and apply these signals directly into business decisions, applications and business processes.

IBM Insight Cloud Services is fueling a portfolio of analytics solutions with data and insights for data scientists, business professionals and developers.


Get Started Faster

Delivers data that is already prepared and relevant connections made, all through our easy to acquire, easy to use cloud service.


Confidence and Clarity

Provides transparent data usage and high standards for data privacy and security. Combines the right external data with your data to separate clear signals from a world of noise.


Biased to Action

Applies data science to make high quality actionable predictions and outcomes, with the ability to embed insight directly into your business process.

New IBM Industry Analytics Solutions

New IBM Industry Analytics Solutions leverage Insight Cloud Services and cognitive analysis techniques to enable industry-specific business roles to gain clarity on relevant insights and take appropriate action. These pre-built solutions solve specific industry problems by applying the power of predictive analytics, data science, and external data.


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