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Twitter Insights for Your Business Decisions.

Business decision making will never be the same.

IBM is moving Twitter data beyond social listening to drive actionable insights that yield business results. IBM Insight Cloud Services is fueling a portfolio of analytics solutions with Twitter data and social insights for developers, data scientists and business professionals.

A New Source of Business Insight

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Merge sophisticated, predictive analytics with Twitter data using IBM Watson Analytics, which enables business professionals to immediately pull Twitter data into any project. By automating the steps of data curation, predictive analysis and visual storytelling, Watson Analytics can identify and explain hidden patterns and relationships, accelerating the understanding of why things happen and what's likely to happen in the future.

Enrich Data-driven Applications

Analyze Twitter data more easily with select cluster configurations of IBM BigInsights on Cloud pre-configured with access to Twitter content. Combine Twitter data with IBM's full-featured enterprise Hadoop-as-a-service offering, which is also available through IBM Bluemix.
Create social data-enabled applications with the IBM Insights for Twitter service on IBM Bluemix. Developers and entrepreneurs can search, quickly explore and mine enriched Twitter content and aggregated insights using this cloud-based service.

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New IBM Analytics Industry Solutions for Twitter Data


    Available Now

  • Social Merchandising for Retail
    Use social and weather data to fine tune demand forecast models
  • Coming Soon

  • Demand Insights for Retail
    React to supply and quality issues faster

Consumer Products

    Available Now

  • Social Merchandising

  • Coming Soon

  • Social Merchandising for Consumer Products
    Develop targeted marketing campaigns
  • Market Insights for Consumer Products
    Enhance existing demand forecast models for products, labor and other business drivers.

Media & Entertainment

Coming Soon

  • Market Insights for Media & Entertainment
    Understand audience behaviors in real time

Data Innovators

The ability to combine Twitter data with IBM's analytical firepower is inspiring the discovery of unexpected insights across industries around the globe. The IBM Twitter Data Innovators Project is a collection of narratives showcasing IBM developers, researchers and technologists working with Twitter data to uncover unknown and unexpected insights to solve business and societal challenges. IBM Twitter Data Innovators have deep expertise in applying Twitter data to a wide range of use cases, click below to read about their projects.

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Trevor Davis

Trevor is examining the wealth of data provided by Twitter conversations about material science, 3D printing and unlikely partnerships formed with consumer-goods makers to identify industry trends.

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Vinith Misra

Vinith is leveraging IBM’s strategic relationship with Twitter through his work on Watson Personality Insights, which uses linguistic analytics to infer a person’s cognitive and social characteristics, and Watson Concepts, which maps words used in tweets to the underlying concepts of those words.

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Elizabeth Daly

Elizabeth is using Twitter data for social good, helping to drivers avoid major traffic jams or discovering an elderly person who might need help.

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