Transform your call center with AI

Your agent. Our bots. One dream team. Customers expect unified experiences, across channels, 24x7x365. AI and bots can help deliver resolutions, faster than ever before. Is your call center future-ready?

Transform your call center with AI

Your agent. Our bots. One dream team. Customers expect unified experiences, across channels, 24x7x365. AI and bots can help deliver resolutions, faster than ever before. Is your call center future-ready?

The AI Advantage

Improve customer service, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce churn. Watson offers an AI solution for customer self-service across multiple channels.

Omni-channel solution

Respond consistently on any channel of the customer’s choice.

AI + human expertise

Complement live agents with virtual agents to scale support and lower costs.

Customized service

Integrate with your existing systems to personalize experiences.

Data driven

Analyze customer behaviors and preferences in real time, gaining new insight.

Service offerings


Customer Care Virtual Agent

Watson is the first line of support, interacting with customers in their preferred messaging and chat channels (Slack, Facebook Messenger and more). Pre-trained on common customer service questions and industry content packs, Watson can be put to work quickly allowing fast time to value.

Using IBM Voice Gateway, enhance your Virtual Agent on a voice channel. Watson acts as a self-service agent for phone based interactions, to handle common customer queries. If Watson is not able to handle the question, or needs to transfer to a call center agent for any other reason, it can do so seamlessly.

Agent Assist

Alleviate the burden of searching for information across different systems. Provide professionals the ability to find the information they need in seconds. Watson assists using a step-by-step chat flow, trained to an agent’s unique domain.

Listen and Assist

Enhance conversations between agents and callers by having Watson listen into calls and automatically send useful information (docs/webpages/processes/forms) about topics to the call center agent's screen. Watson also records customers' addresses, phone numbers, and more, making follow up with customers easy.



Our partnership with market-leading live-chat software provider, LivePerson, allows for seamless hand-off between Watson and live agent over chat. Build a consistent and harmonious experience for bot and human interactions for all aspects of the operation.

LivePerson and IBM Watson created an AI-powered chat and messaging platform for customer service (3:31)

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Bluewolf AI Now

The power to make smarter decisions faster on Salesforce. IBM and Salesforce are building the Augmented Intelligence (AI) partnership for business. IBM and Bluewolf’s commitment to the Salesforce community helps companies of all sizes and industries deliver the experiences customers demand.

The AI Now™ Omnichannel Automation Chatbot resolves customer questions on your customers’ channels of choice, including Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and phone, to enable seamless, 24/7 self-service. Bluewolf’s AI Now™ Watson Assistant Chatbot Pilot enables large-volume contact centers to deflect routine customer requests with a chatbot that responds to as many as ten types of customer inquiries.

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Bluewolf: A New Era of Customer Experience (0:58)

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Voice of the Customer

Extract actionable insight from Watson’s analysis of your customer’s feedback to identify opportunities for product development, process improvement and detect potential customer churn.

Tone Analyzer

Analyze the tone of verbal and written communications by converting unstructured data into structured data representing customer interactions and sentiments.


Transformation Services

Using domain skills and deep industry expertise, IBM business consultants help organizations redesign their call centers to scale flexibility, reduce costs, and serve customers better.

Analytics and Operational Process Optimization
Reach operational excellence. Bring analytics to the forefront, using data to uncover ways to improve efficiency, increase speed, and enhance customer experiences.

Adoption and Scale
Streamline processes along with organizational change. It starts with a mentality. We bringstrategic methods for lean processes and change transformation to enable adoption of AI technologies.

Digital Experience Strategy and Design
Create the best experience for your customer. Understanding the nuances of the industry through machine learning to enhance quality of responses.

Chatbot as an
industry solution

Build a seamless call center experience. Leverage Watson as your first line of support with customers, or provide the tools to empower your agents. Watson provides versatile solutions for industries to get started.

Hear from our
industry experts

Learn how innovative brands are integrating AI to transform customer service from voice to digital messaging.

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