Is your call center future-ready?

Transform how your call center operates with Conversational AI. Watson Assistant has been named the leader in Forrester’s New Wave report on Conversational Computing.

Is your call center future-ready?

Transform how your call center operates with Conversational AI. Watson Assistant has been named the leader in Forrester’s New Wave report on Conversational Computing.

Watson for your call center

Today’s digitally connected, always-on consumers demand unprecedented levels of 24x7x365 customer service

Most call centers are slow to respond due to aging technology and processes that rely solely on Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR) and human agents. Investing in AI technology can upskill your agents, and streamline how you engage with customers, partners and employees. Watson AI solutions can help.

Industry focused use cases

Did you know?


of routine customer questions can already be handled 
by chatbots.


could be saved by investing in a chatbot. Our plans can get you started in 6 weeks.


Success rate of bot interations, specifically in the Banking industry, is expected to hit 90% by 2022.

Get started with our
full-service solutions

Leverage IBM’s expertise and Watson to quickly bring AI to your call center. Find your match with solutions starting at $10,000

Basic Support

I want to get started with a chatbot. My business is a small sized operation.

  • 2–6 week implementation
  • Receive access to create a customized, ready to deploy chatbot through Topcoder
  • Starting at $10,000

Customer Care
Virtual Agent

I need a robust chatbot with back end tech support.

  • Configure, train and deliver in 4 weeks
  • 60 days of on-demand consulting and follow up support
  • Expert Services with pre-built architecture and technical assets
  • Pre-trained on common customer service questions

Call Center
Transformation Services

I need to reinvent my call center through management to strategic approach.

  • Train to understand the nuances of the industry for quality responses
  • Pre-trained on common customer service questions
  • Bring strategic methods for lean processes to enable adoption of AI technologies

Support for your agents

Empower your agents with tools they know they can rely on.

Sometimes agents are the best people to answer a particular question. With tools that empower your agents, we can help improve their job satisfaction, which leads to higher retention rates. Here's how we do it:

Agent Assist
Real-time agent assistant with industry knowledge

  • AI powered solution that delivers instant answers leveraging your companies structured and unstructured data
  • Assists agents using a step-by-step chat flow, trained to an agent’s unique domain, to answer any question

Listen and Assist
Effortlessly store and retrieve customer information

  • Listens to conversations in real time–powered by Voice Gateway technology
  • Automatically sends useful info i.e. docs, websites, processes, forms to the agent’s screen
  • Records customers’ personal information, making follow-up easy

Our partners, your customer service success

Engage with customers seamlessly, anytime, anywhere with voice integration and omni-channel solutions.

73% of US consumers say "valuing their time" is the most important thing a brand can do, and most customers prefer messaging to voice calls for customer support. Efficiently connect with customers through our IBM partner solutions.

Connects messaging and human agent in a single platform

Integrates AI to allow seamless hand-off between chatbot and live agent over chat—building a consistent and harmonious experience for bot and human interactions

LivePerson and IBM Watson created an AI-powered chat and messaging platform for customer service (3:31)

Connects with multiple messaging channels

Bluewolf: A New Era of Customer Experience (0:58)

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