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The IBM Partner Plus program is designed to help businesses like yours access leading technology to help you grow - whether you’re a startup or an established company.

As an IBM Partner, you'll be able to:

  • Leverage cutting-edge technology to help your clients transform their businesses
  • Take advantage of demand generation programs to drive growth and revenue
  • Use leading tools and skill-building opportunities to enhance your offerings

Our streamlined onboarding process gets you up and running in as little as two days so you can quickly start earning.


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Benefits Become a partner to access: Competitive incentives

Increase your earning power. Get real-time visibility into earnings and deal eligibility, so you’ll always know how much you stand to earn.

  • AI deal share engine to generate new leads
  • Ready-to-deploy partner marketing kits
Insider programs

Connect to the same educational programs and hands-on training as IBMers. Get competitive pricing, deal protection and special bid access to gain knowledge and confidence.

  • Value Seller tool to get preferred pricing
  • A single platform to access all the IBM tools and resources you need to succeed
Enhanced support

Differentiate and close deals faster with our global technical resources. Accelerate your journey to build and sell your solutions with IBM technology.

  • Personalized support from the Partner Support Desk 
  • Faster time to revenue with the New Partner Accelerator 
Partner with IBM Build with IBM technology
Elevate your commercial solutions

Innovate and accelerate your business growth as an independent software vendor by building your solutions with AI and hybrid cloud technology.

Add AI functionality fast with IBM
Sell IBM technology
Unleash your innovation and growth

Partner with IBM to solve complex problems with leading technology solutions and demand generation resources to create pull from the market.

Maximize your earning potential with IBM
Service IBM technology
Become your clients' trusted advisor 


Leverage IBM technical and service solution support to deliver the latest technology to your clients.

Accelerate digital transformations with IBM

Partnership and gen AI

This generative AI moment is a great time to determine if your existing partnerships align to help you innovate for tomorrow. Defining the competitive advantage it can deliver—and how it will capture value from the partnership in question—can help you decide when and where to share intel with ecosystem partners to fuel innovation.

Scale AI Assistants across your contact center Use IBM watsonx Code Assistant™ and generative AI to increase developer productivity at all experience levels. Put AI to work for Customer Service

Boost productivity with generative AI and automation IBM watsonx Orchestrate helps users automate time-consuming tasks and unlock productivity with purpose-built AI assistants. Explore AI for talent management
Automate code creation and conversion Use IBM watsonx Code Assistant™ and generative AI to increase developer productivity at all experience levels. Discover AI for application modernization

Protect data across the hybrid cloud Build your threat detection, data security and compliance services with AI-driven security software. Explore IBM Security for service providers

Add enterprise AI products to your commercial applications Make adding AI to your portfolio easier. Embedded solutions from IBM equip your developers to integrate proven AI technology for faster deployments and higher value. Discover embeddable AI

Partner stories Data & AI

Sport Clips Haircuts, asked IBM Business Partner ThisWay Global to help them improve employee productivity and engagement using responsible AI and intelligent automation. Using IBM watsonx Orchestrate, Sport Clips is now able to reduce manual tasks and lighten their team’s workload.

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IBM Partner Movius, offers MultiLine, a mobile app provides a second, secure business number for voice, text, and WhatsApp conversations. Using QRadar, Movius is able to detect and investigate potential threats and quickly determine if they’re real. Rapid mitigation helps ensure they’re protecting client services and data.

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BanFast asked sustainability specialist and IBM Partner, Edsvärd Hållbarhet, to renew the foundation of their sustainability strategy by implementing IBM Envizi ESG Suite, allowing BanFast to save energy and reduce costs with new insights into sustainability performance.

Read the BanFast story
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Join IBM Partner Plus to get started or contact an IBM representative to discuss your journey.

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The program offers all IBM Partners enhanced support and benefits, insider access and competitive incentives, no matter whether you sell, build or service with IBM.

We identify the specific ways we can help your business thrive and then use those insights to deliver tools, resources and strategies customized for you. Whether that's co-creating with IBM engineering teams, fostering communities anchored around robust technological advocacy, or developing common approaches to showcase IBM technology.

For our Partners building next generation applications, we provide AI and hybrid cloud technology that empowers you to take your solutions to the next level. As your business grows and your relationship with IBM expands, you'll unlock additional benefits that will help you break into adjacent markets and find new clients.

In short, we treat you like an IBMer. As our Partner, you'll get access to the same education programs and hands on trainings that IBMers get at no cost.

The Partner Portal puts all IBM tools and resources right at your fingertips. It's your easy to navigate one stop shop to manage opportunities, activate and monitor benefits, cultivate expertise, and engage with IBMers who are dedicated to your growth.

Opportunities across our technology portfolio that are less than USD 250K in value, with few exceptions, are passed automatically to Eligible Partners via the Partner Portal.

There are four tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Blue. Each offers unique levels of support tailor made for your organization. As you gain expertise, generate revenue and bring validated solutions to market, you can progress through the tiers and unlock additional benefits.

New Partners are onboarded with the new Partner Accelerator, which fast tracks your time to value, so we can start growing together on day one. All new Partners are automatically invited to use the IBM New Partner Accelerator for six months. This experience is designed to help accelerate revenue generation from the beginning. This experience provides you with hands-on assistance, onboarding training and all the marketing and sales materials you need to close that first deal. Upon approved registration, new Partners are encouraged to select an onboarding distributor or tech broker who will guide them through the process. 

We've created a single predictable incentive structure across software and infrastructure that maximizes transparency. It provides a clear line of sight into how to maximize your earnings that places you squarely in the driver's seat.

IBM Partner Plus encourages proficiency and skills building. We give you all the resources you need so that we enter the market on the same page, ready to position, demonstrate, and win together. You have access to the same education and enablement that IBMers have. This enables you to drive your own educational goals.

Yes. We invest in Partner demand generation programs. Our Partners get access to our demand engine, which comes with three key features. New ready to execute Partner marketing kits, the opportunity to earn incremental marketing budget and support to co-create joint marketing activities. These turnkey tools will accelerate your demand generation efforts.

IBM Business Partners who have accepted the terms of the IBM Partner Plus Program Benefits and Know Your IBM Attachment and met the necessary criteria to achieve Silver Tier status are currently authorized to use the IBM Software Access Catalog. These Business Partners may make IBM Software products ("Programs") available for evaluation use by their customers at the customer's location for no more than 90 days.

Build track expertise is demonstrated by creating a validated solution built with embedded IBM software, hardware or cloud technology. For Gold and Platinum tiers, expertise is demonstrated by the Partner listing their solution on the IBM Partner Plus Directory (IPPD).