Quickly identify and mitigate transmission and predict areas of resurgence while protecting residents' privacy and security.

Quickly and safely re-open your economy now with IBM Services for Contact Tracing

How do you put residents first as part of your re-opening strategy?

We believe that successful re-opening of the economy requires a thoughtful approach to contract tracing that is resident-first by design and tech-enabled in execution.

To gain confidence it’s imperative to prioritize privacy and security as part of the experience design and create an experience that is relevant with tracers who understand the communities that they serve. This combined approach will build confidence and drive adoption.

What can you do to engage your residents with empathy?

By streamlining your onboarding, training and certification using a centralized portal for best in class enablement you can drive skilled, trusted contact tracers. This skilled workforce, enhanced with purposeful technology to put answers at their fingers tips, can quickly respond with empathy to your residents to understand and meet their needs.

How do you best operate with speed and simplicity?

It’s important to be agile and flexible in order to scale up and down as operational efficiencies are gained and the rate and location of infection changes.

We can help you apply augmented intelligence to accelerate the learning curve for new contact tracing resources and advanced analytics to anticipate and optimize responses in a highly fluid evolving environment.

What you get with IBM Services for Contact Tracing

Command operations

  • Program governance 
  • Communications program 
  • Security program
  • Volunteer network management via blockchain 
  • Ecosystem management 
  • Contract tracing reporting and dashboard 
  • Predictive analytics and visualization to identify patterns and progress
  • Disruptive index by county

Case management

  • Case management system
  • IBM Enhanced Discovery for advanced contract tracing analytics
  • Watson Care Manager for resident outreach (wellness and social support services)

Mobile app-based proximity tracing

  • Google/Apple Exposure Notification API using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Preserves privacy while offering flexibility to integrate across borders

Recruitment, onboarding and training

  • In-state staffing
  • Targeted hiring service
  • IBM Lounge for Tracers:
    • Streamlined onboarding
    • Fast training via online portal
    • Wellness portal to provide tracers with real-time support

Virtual contact center

  • Workforce and performance management
  • Telephony infrastructure
  • SMS/text to communicate and collect data
  • Watson Agent Assist
  • Watson Virtual Assistant (intelligent chatbot)

Enhanced discovery for contact tracing

  • Enhanced investigation and analytics capabilities 
  • Search public records to locate relevant contact information  
  • Pre-populate common residence and close contacts’ information to minimize call time

Trace, track and manage: Population health for COVID-19 and beyond

Secure, ready to deploy, cloud-based solution enables us to rapidly operationalize your program


Contacted in 24 hours

48 hours

Core solution operational


Average reduction in cost per contact

IBM Services for Contact Tracing supports your residents today while creating solutions for tomorrow

Learn how we can help you progress your strategies to re-open your economy with a resident-first, tech enabled solution.

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