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Deliver exceptional employee experiences with data, AI and automation to improve satisfaction, increase productivity, reduce costs and drive business value
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Designing exceptional experiences for your employees and customers

Employee Experience has a wider context today as lines between people’s personal and professional lives have overlapped. Employee experience is more than a single interaction or workflow—it encompasses every interaction an employee has with their employers, from recruitment to retirement, and meeting and supporting their functional roles and evolving work-life needs along the way. Best-of-breed experiences are designed with the employee—and their spoken and unspoken expectations—in mind. Imagine a day when each of your employees’ needs are met across every touchpoint in intuitive, frictionless ways that allow them to feel seen as individuals, enjoy their work, and meet their potential. Better employee experiences also have business impact: engaged and satisfied employees are more likely to provide superior service to their internal stakeholders and end-customers. 

IBM champions a human-centric approach to employee experience. Let IBM Consulting help you reimagine internal and customer facing processes with strategic operations, platform implementation, design and managed services to significantly improve the employee experience. With deep talent and experience transformation expertise, we can help you harness our world-class AI, automation and Cloud technologies—as well as our ecosystem partners’—to create exceptional experiences for every employee, every day.

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Benefits Exponential revenue growth

Companies focused on customer experience achieve 3x revenue growth in two years.1


Drive innovation

Companies with better experience have a 89% increased likelihood of meeting organizational innovation goals.2

Foster high performance

Satisfied employees are 69% more likely to be a high performers.2

Capabilities Experience design

Envision, design and deliver exceptional experiences using AI and best-of-breed technologies to empower employees and further productivity and growth.

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Generative AI platform integration

Streamline HR processes with watsonx Orchestrate and allow your HR team to focus on higher-level work while offloading tedious tasks.

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HR transformation with ISVs

Drive transformation of your HR workflows by optimizing HR technologies using AI-enabled services, integrated with strong ISV partnerships.

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HR and Talent Transformation

Reimagine human resources with AI at the core—delivering business value, human-centric employee experiences, accelerating the digital agenda, unlocking workforce potential and creating agility.

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Talent acquisition and skills development

Generate better experiences and outcomes throughout the hiring lifecycle and build a skilled workforce with a culture of continuous learning using data, AI, automation and specialized services. 

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Strategic partnerships Personalized experiences with IBM and Adobe

Building on more than 20 years as an Adobe consulting partner, our partnership is focused on helping clients design and deliver more personalized experiences that foster customer loyalty and trust.

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Create business value with Salesforce

Together with Salesforce, we don't just create business value. We combine the power of Salesforce with open and emerging technologies, deep industry and human-centered design capabilities, and the data insights needed to deliver impact.

Explore our Salesforce capabilities
IBM watsonx Orchestrate

Automate HR processes with Watsonx Orchestrate and allow your HR team to focus on higher-level work while offloading tedious tasks.

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IBM watsonx Assistant

Improve employee experience and save time by answering frequently asked HR policy questions from employees with self-serve generative AI-powered chatbots.

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Co-create with IBM Garage™
Ideate, build, measure, iterate and scale solutions seamlessly with our end-to-end framework of design thinking, agile and DevOps practices. Achieve speed-to-value and adopt breakthrough technologies through the partnership created with your team and a diverse set of IBM experts in business, design and technology. Learn more Talk to an IBM Garage expert
Case studies IBM's own transformation

IBM brought its experiences together on Salesforce 360, using IBM Watson virtual assistants to answer queries and streamline communication across departments.

Energizing the employee experience

AusNet Services amps up its human resources operations with IBM and SAP expediting human resources tasks for employees and managers.

Driving a reimagined customer experience with AI

Read how Camping World modernized its call centers with the help of IBM Consulting and watsonx Assistant.


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AI won’t replace people—but people who use AI will replace people who don’t. 4 in 5 executives say generative AI is changing employee roles. Read the IBV study
CEO Guide to Generative AI for Employee Experience

Generative AI will increase employee expectations—and give you the tools to meet them.

Aligned to thrive with enterprise work management

Enterprise work management enables open collaboration across functions with smarter workflows.

Taking a design-led, data-driven approach to experience

Make CX and EX strategic priorities, and unite the organization around them.

Meet our experts Jill Goldstein

Managing Partner of the talent transformation practice with IBM Consulting. Jill combines technology with the creativity of people to help organizations reimagine how work gets done.

Jennifer Quinlan

As Global Managing Partner of IBM iX, the experience design arm within IBM Consulting, Jen leads a global team of 18000 consultants responsible for driving experience transformation across the customer lifecycle.

Rosane Giovis

As Global Service Transformation Leader for IBM iX, the experience design arm within IBM Consulting, Rosane helps clients architect intelligent service offerings using AI and automation.

Related solutions HR and Talent Transformation

Reimagine Human Resources with AI at the core—delivering business value, accelerating the digital agenda, unlocking workforce potential and creating agility.

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Experience Design

IBM iX is the global experience design partner within IBM Consulting.  

Discover IBM iX
Customer lifecycle transformation

Envision, design and deliver smarter experiences for employees and customers to unlock value and drive growth.

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Service Transformation

We help companies elevate customer service to empower agents, unlock efficiency and support any customer from anywhere, any time.

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HR Operations and Outsourcing

Our services combine deep process and technology expertise infused with AI to create innovative workforce operating models across your candidate and employee experience.

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HR Transformation 

Drive transformation in HR to support new talent lifecycle workflows embedding AI-enabled services built on a platform and integrated with strong ISV partnerships.

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Accelerate your adoption of generative AI and reimagine your HR with an AI strategy briefing.

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