Five key technologies for enabling a cyber resilience framework

Architecting a resilient enterprise with IBM Business Continuity Consulting Services

What is IBM Business Continuity Consulting Services?

Thriving in today’s competitive business environment requires continuous availability of your IT systems, applications and data. Your employees, customers and business partners expect that the information, products and services they need will be available when, where and how they want them.

IBM Business Continuity Consulting Services offers a holistic approach to evaluating your hybrid cloud risk awareness and determining your organization’s resilience level. IBM Business Continuity Consulting Services Framework is a seven-layer model that helps your business and IT leaders examine resiliency operations at both the physical and virtual layers of the organization to identify risks and vulnerabilities. This approach helps you identify both cloud and traditional IT risks to continuous business operations. It also recommends solutions to help manage those risks, along with measures to enhance or establish your resiliency program.

How do you keep your business running smoothly during a disaster or unexpected disruption?

IBM Business Continuity Consulting Services takes a business requirements-based approach to help clients protect critical business services from the threat of disruption regardless of the cause. Using a four-phase lifecycle methodology encompassing an end-to-end process for developing resiliency solutions and enterprise-wide programs we focus on ensuring that the needs of the business are properly met and maintained on an ongoing basis.

Why IBM Business Continuity Consulting Services?

IBM Business Continuity Consulting Services includes assessing, planning, designing, architecting, implementing, testing and managing business resilience solutions tailored to our client needs. Our experts leverage industry best practices and the IBM Resilience Framework, a business-focused view of IT and infrastructure risks to help identify gaps and define a comprehensive resilience strategy to support compliance, while optimizing costs and mitigating risks.

IBM Business Continuity Consulting Services has nearly 60 years of experience helping clients worldwide with business continuity, disaster recovery and cyber resilience. Today, over 9,000 customers are protected by our disaster recovery and data management services. More than 300 IBM Resiliency Centers in 60 countries around the globe provide managed disaster recovery and data protection, and over 6,000 global IBM professionals are dedicated to resiliency.

What you get with IBM Business Continuity Consulting Services?

Assess and Evaluate

Understand potential risks to your business, their impact and your ability to mitigate them

Plan and Design

Review your current state and design a resiliency strategy for recovery and restarting your critical business services

Implement and Test

Validate your resiliency program, plans, procedures and workflows to identify any issues and gaps to be addressed before a disruptive event occurs

Manage and Sustain

Engage program management services to maintain a sustainable resiliency environment and monitor resiliency readiness

The Business Value of IBM’s DRaaS and Resilience Orchestration Services

Resiliency by design: Integrated framework that’s built-in and not bolted-on

Reduced business downtime

Reduce unplanned downtime, improve resilience and effectively address risks

Structured approach

Applies a structured approach with the IBM Resiliency Services Framework seven-layer model to make your business resilient

Risk management

Continuously monitor risks to help ensure controls are in place to either mitigate impact of or eliminate risk

Client Story: National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE)

Business challenge
Riddled with a manually intensive process that relied heavily upon experts and took several hours for a data center switchover, the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) sought the right tool to automate its disaster recovery operations.

Transformation story
As India’s leading stock exchange, NSE needs to remain available, even during a disaster. By working with IBM Technology and Consulting Services to implement the IBM Resiliency Orchestration solution for disaster recovery, NSE reduced its switchover time by 80 percent while limiting manual intervention and the potential for human error.


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