IBM can help unlock your hybrid cloud infrastructure


It's more important than ever that your IT infrastructure is able to adapt quickly to unforeseen disruptions, protect against security breaches, and easily handle data growth. IBM has secure, flexible end-to-end compute, storage and OS solutions that help you be more responsive to the needs of your business and your customers’ increasing digital demands.

Protect your organization

Ensure that you maintain full security and integration across your cloud environment — wherever you data resides.

Meet any challenge

When you can’t afford an hour of downtime, you need compute, storage and OS solutions with the highest availability and business continuity.

Scale easily and securely

Prepare your organization’s hybrid cloud architecture for continual growth with enhanced private cloud performance and software integration.

Design and deploy tailored IT solutions

Select the right IT infrastructure strategy that matches your mission-critical workloads and considers your security needs.

Hybrid multicloud strategies for your enterprise

IDC surveyed 2,200 organizations to learn how they are using hybrid multicloud solutions to accomplish their mission-critical goals. Read the InfoBrief to put these insights to work for your organization, and discover how to realize the key benefits of hybrid multicloud environments.

Hybrid cloud infrastructure customer stories

Plastic Bank

Plastic Bank built a modernized hybrid multicloud IT infrastructure to empower a unique blockchain-based solution to help clean the world’s oceans of plastic.

Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC)

AMRC drives Industry 4.0 innovations with a world-class, factory-ready AI-driven manufacturing system for visual inspection.

Advanced Technology Services Group (ATS)

ATS launched workload migration and disaster recovery services using IBM Spectrum® Virtualize for their public cloud software.

Discover hybrid cloud solutions


Even as you move mission-critical data to the cloud, you can keep your data safe from vulnerabilities and sophisticated cyberattacks, wherever it goes.


Get the easy-to-scale hybrid cloud servers you need in order to grow, with hardware and software that work together for diverse workloads.


Transform your application and data portfolio with mainframe solutions and multi-layered storage for your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Take the next step

Forrester surveyed 350 global IT leaders to learn how they developed and implemented their IT infrastructure strategies. Discover their key insights in order to drive your own hybrid cloud infrastructure success.