Read how IBM is the only company positioned as a “Leader” by Everest Group in HRO, RPO and Learning Services.


Business leaders today must focus on what matters most - their employees and helping them to succeed. IBM helps organizations meet their HR needs and deliver data-driven insights while fostering a culture of continuous learning. Working together, we can transform talent management and build a workforce for the future.

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Watch the video (1:00) - Business leaders are building resiliency by preparing their workforce for the future.


Enhance employee engagement

Improve Net Promoter Score® by personalizing and adding self-service capabilities to your human resources.

Reskill your workforce—faster

Build skills with intelligent workflows and adaptive HR platforms. Create a continuous learning culture.

Reimagine ways of working

Reduce HR operations with a dynamic, digital operating model designed around the employee experience.

Related solutions

HR outsourcing services

Transform employee experiences and reduce operating costs through modern HR outsourcing and data-driven processes infused with AI.

Organizational change services

Organizational transformation in today’s digital era demands a fundamentally distinct, employee-centric approach to change management.

Business consulting services

Integrate employee expertise with data and advanced technologies into your enterprise operations, including supply chain, finance, procurement and more.

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