Why Application Scanning is Important for Your Organization

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Web applications are often proven to be one of the weakest links in overall corporate security, hence web application scanning is an important measurement in order to prevent and detect vulnerabilities in web applications.

Corporations use millions of dollars in security, but sadly, hackers have been successful in finding a gaping hole in the corporate security infrastructure, one of which organizations were previously unaware – web applications. By design, web applications are publicly available on the Internet, with close to 24/7 365 run-time days a year. This invites for easy access and allows almost unlimited attempts to hack applications that have not yet been identified by responsible personnel, as vulnerable, through the use of a web application scanning solution.

Some of the hackers’ favourite attack types are SQL Injection; where an attacker tries to inject/transmit SQL query commands to a database on a server through the application. SQL commands are injected through various types of input fields on a web application. Cross Site Scripting (XSS); where an attacker inserts malicious data into a webpage. The attacker can hence force a web server to send a webpage with malicious content to an unsuspecting user. The user’s input can then be transferred to another server.

It is strongly advised to implement application scanning as part of your corporate security strategy to prevent and detect breaches, proactively, from happening.

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